The Meaning Behind 5 Popular Jewelry Symbols

The Meaning Behind 5 Popular Jewelry Symbols

Many of us wear jewelry every day with no idea what it symbolizes or the origin of many popular designs.  If you’re looking to make a meaningful jewelry purchase or want to know the background of your favorite piece, then the meaning behind these 5 popular jewelry symbols may help.

Why Choose Symbolic Jewelry?

Many jewelry designers draw from ancient symbolism to design pieces that resonate beyond short-lived trends or fads. Many icons transcend time and are seen across multiple faiths and cultures. While clothing trends change frequently, quality jewelry is an investment that is often passed down from generation to generation. Because of the long-lasting nature of jewelry, it’s a worthwhile investment to choose symbols that have lifelong recognition or really mean something to you.

What Do These Popular Jewelry Symbols Mean?

The Horseshoe

 Image of horseshoe jewlery symbol pendants

A horseshoe facing upwards in a U shape is a popular jewelry design because it symbolizes good luck. A good luck symbol makes a great gift for someone going traveling, sitting exams, getting married or undertaking a big life change. The horseshoe is a western symbol with roots in the Middle East and Egypt. As well as bringing good luck, the horseshoe protects from evil – a common theme of many symbols. Older horse shoes are particularly auspicious. If you’re familiar with horses, you will know that an old horseshoe is characterized by having its nails in place, that’s why particularly auspicious designs include nail marks, such as the Phoenix Roze Lucky Horseshoe Charm Necklace.

The Butterfly

 Image of butterfly jewlery symbol pendants

Unlike some symbols, the butterfly does not have a deep-rooted ancient symbolism.  Instead, it has become synonymous over time as being indicative of a free spirit, a wild child, or free – as free as a butterfly. The butterfly is also symbolic of a transformation or rebirth, a representation drawn from the development of a caterpillar to chrysalis and then butterfly. Jewelry like this Black Diamond Butterfly Necklace show personal development and a renewed start, new hope or fresh beginnings.

The Hamsa Hand

Image of hamsa hand jewlery symbol pendants

The Hamsa Hand is one of the most ancient symbols seen in modern jewelry and has been seen across many cultures in the Middle East and Northern Africa, particularly within the Islamic and Jewish faiths. This symbol goes by many names and can also be known also as the Hand of Fatima, the Khamsa or the Hand of Miriam. Usually, the Hamsa Hand is the hand of a god, and brings good luck, while also protecting against the Evil Eye. The Hamsa Hand can be worn either facing up or facing down. The hand facing downwards may bring fertility or answer your prayers. When the hand is facing upwards it brings you love, protection and happiness.

The Lightning Bolt

Image of lightning bolt jewlery symbol pendants

Usually, a stormy evening with thunder and lightning is nothing to celebrate. As children, we are often terrified at the thought of being struck by lightning. So why is a lightning bolt such a popular symbol in jewelry? Maybe it’s the popularity of Harry Potter, but traditionally the lightning bolt is a representation of enlightenment or a loss of ignorance. In Greek, Hindu, Mayan, Norse and Native American mythology, the lightning symbol is a sign of the gods, and a bolt could be a sign of their revenge. The thunderbolt also has strong links to military and heraldry iconography.

The Love Knot

The love knot, or the true lover’s knot, is symbolic of a long-lasting connection or unbreakable bond.  Many knots have been associated with true love over time, and stories and fables often reference sailors and their lovers. The love knot is seen is several cultures, a Celtic Knot or Irish Knot is a complete loop that has no start or finish and represents eternity, loyalty, faith, friendship, or love. An Algerian Love Knot consists of three or more metallic rings which have been flattened out. Like the Celtic Knot the Algerian Love Knot, originating from Roman times, also represents love and loyalty, but has more mystical connotations and was an important part of ancient acts of sorcery.

Phoenix Roze has a huge range of symbols to choose from beyond these popular five, explore our full range of collections to find the piece that resonates most for you.

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