Aries Jewelry To Wear This New Year

Image of Aries Gold Necklace on Woman's Neck

If you’re born between March 21 and April 20, then your birthday falls within the zodiac sign of Pisces. During your birthday months, you may be looking to indulge yourself to something special. Whether you’re seeking a gift for yourself, or the special Aries in your life, Phoenix Roze has a stunning range of Aries jewelry within our wider Zodiac jewelry range.

Aries are known for their courage and make strong and focused leaders. This is an active and energetic star sign. Aries take the lead and make decisions, it makes sense then that symbol of Aries is the headstrong ram. Many astrologers believe that Aries like to adorn their heads and necks, drawing attention to their strongest feature in the same way that a ram’s horns are its focal point.

Phoenix Roze has designed a range of jewelry for the Aries sign that draws attention to the ears, neck, and wrists. We have focused on the head of the ram to create an elegant and contemporary ram’s horn design for this zodiac sign.

Gold Aries Jewelry

For a strong and classic look choose from our selection of solid gold Aries jewelry designs. Our Aries ram’s head necklace, bracelet, and earrings are all available in 14k rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.


Image of Aries Gold Zodiac Necklace

Image of Aries Gold Zodiac Bracelet
Image of Aries Gold Zodiac Earrings

Gold & Diamond Aries Jewelry

For a real statement item, upgrade your gold Aries jewelry pieces to include spectacular white diamonds. Diamond Aries jewelry is an investment that keeps your zodiac sign proudly on display.


Image of Aries Diamond Zodiac Necklace

Image of Aries Diamond Zodiac Bracelet
Image of Aries Diamond Zodiac Earrings


To choose your ideal Aries jewelry piece shop the full range. For more information about our other zodiac styles, and how to wear them, read our guide: Zodiac Jewelry – How To Wear Your Star Sign.

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