black diamond gold ohm necklace with rulerblack diamond gold ohm necklace

Black Diamond OHM Necklace

From $950
white diamond gold ohm necklace with rulerwhite diamond gold ohm necklace

White Diamond OHM Necklace

From $1,150
petite gold ohm necklace with rulerTiny Gold OHM Necklace

Tiny Gold OHM Necklace

From $295
gold turquoise hamsa necklace on necktiny turquoise inlaid hamsa hand necklace

Tiny Turquoise Inlaid Hamsa Hand Necklace

From $350
opal inlaid cross necklace_c9152204 4ef1 4e5f bca0 b951ce9a4689opal inlaid cross necklace

Opal Inlaid Cross Necklace

From $400
tiny virgin mary charm necklace PRN030

Tiny Virgin Mary Charm Necklace

From $365
white diamond ahava love necklace with rulerwhite diamond ahava love necklace PRN 434 WD

White Diamond Ahava Love Necklace

From $1,200
white diamond chai necklace with rulerwhite diamond chai necklace PRN 054 WD

White Diamond Chai Necklace

From $950
black diamond chai necklace with rulerblack diamond chai necklace PRN 054 BD

Black Diamond Chai Necklace

From $850
black diamond angel wings necklace PRN 520 BD

Black Diamond Angel Wings Necklace

From $1,850
gold diamond angel wings necklace on neckwhite diamond angel wings necklace PRN 520 WD

White Diamond Angel Wings Necklace

From $1,950
opal inlaid hamsa hand necklace prn 390 op

Opal Inlaid Hamsa Hand Necklace

From $400
lapis lazuli inlaid hamsa hand necklace PRN 390 LAP

Lapis Lazuli Inlaid Hamsa Hand Necklace

From $350
turquoise inlaid cross necklace PRN 376 TUR

Turquoise Inlaid Cross Necklace

From $350
white diamond sideways cross necklace prn 486 wd

White Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace

From $695
gold diamond cross necklace on neckdiamond tiny cross necklace prn 458 14wd

Diamond Tiny Cross Necklace

From $495
black diamond cross bracelet prb 051 14ky

Black Diamond Cross Bracelet

model wearing tiny diamond cross earringstiny diamond cross earrings PRE 392 14KY_d1895900 1d7a 4020 bd96 b3c6b34ccdbe

Tiny Diamond Cross Earrings

tiny gold cross stud earrings PRE 430 14KY

Tiny Gold Cross Stud Earrings

baby hamsa mini charm exquisite necklace PRN 390 14KY

Tiny Hamsa Gold Necklace

From $285
petite cross mini charm exquisite necklace PRN 237 14KY

Tiny Cross Gold Necklace

From $275
gold om necklace on womans neckohm dainty charm petite necklace PRN 382 14KY

Ohm Charm Necklace

From $345
hamsa dainty charm petite necklace PRN 389 14KY

Hamsa Hand Necklace

From $395
tiny heart on a precious ring PRR 072 14KY

Heart Charm Gold Ring

From $165
small gold jewish star of david womens charm necklace PRN 016

Magen David Charm Necklace

From $275
pave designer evil eye charm necklace for women PRN 004

Evil Eye Charm Necklace

From $950
tiny gold cross bracelet prb 042 14ky_90d78a39 3472 4642 a8e3 20cb51c59920

Side Ways Cross Bracelet

gold diamond designer hamsa hand charm womens necklace PRN 001

Diamond Hamsa Necklace

From $1,250
Bring greater meaning to your accessories with spiritual jewelry which resonates. Whether you're looking for jewelry with a specific religious or historical meaning or something with personal meaning, we have something for everyone. Our assortment of women's spiritual jewelry and men’s spiritual jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in gold variations such as yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Select spiritual jewelry designs are available with diamond and gemstone options.

Our fine collection of spiritual jewelry features options panning across faiths and religions. There are bracelets and pendants with spiritual icons such as the Hamsa Hand, OHM, evil eye, and more. Our collection also includes items for different faiths, including Christian and catholic crosses and Virgin Mary charms. There are several gold cross necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in various designs in solid 14k gold or with diamonds. We also have stunning Chai and Ahavah pendant charms and Star of David jewelry. Choose from our range of high-quality spiritual or religious jewelry to find something special you connect with.

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