gold lightning necklace on womans necksmall plain yellow gold lightning bolt PRN 259 14KY

Small Lightning Bolt Gold Necklace

From $345
baby eagle feather mini charm exquisite necklace PRN 393 14KY

Small Feather Charm Necklace

From $325
gold butterfly necklace on neckfolded butterfly tiny charm light necklace PRN 190 14KY

Folded Butterfly Charm Necklace

From $375
gold diamond star necklace on womans necktiny white diamond gold star necklace prn 287 wd

Tiny White Diamond Gold Star Necklace

From $595
gold star earrings PRE 399 14KY

Medium Gold Star Earrings

turquoise flower gold bracelet prb 056 14ky

Turquoise Flower & Gold Bracelet

small diamond lotus flower earrings PRE 404 14KY_248fd3d4 e00d 4d6d bb82 4bc9001453b3

Small Diamond Lotus Flower Earrings

tiny butterfly stud earrings PRE065

Tiny Butterfly Stud Earrings

moon cresent tiny charm light necklace PRN 375 14KY

Gold Moon Necklace

From $345
gold star fish charm necklace PRN 011

Starfish Charm Necklace

From $295
gold diamond flower necklace on neckdiamond flower diamond cluster necklace PRN 021

Diamond Flower Necklace

From $595
tiny gold star stud earrings PRE 426 14KY

Tiny Gold Star Stud Earrings

gold banana necklace on models neckgold banana tiny charm light necklace PRN 373 14KY

Gold Banana Charm Necklace

From $345
14k medium feather tiny charm light necklace PRN 383 14KY

Gold Feather Charm Necklace

From $365
gold shark tooth charm summer necklace PRN 291 14KY

Gold Shark Tooth Charm Necklace

From $795
large white diamond lightning bolt necklace prn 482 wd

Large White Diamond Lightning Bolt Necklace

From $1,795
gold dragonfly necklace on models neckgold dragonfly necklace

Gold Dragonfly Necklace

From $395
gold turquoise moon necklace on models neckturquoise inlaid moon necklace PRN 375 TUR

Turquoise Inlaid Moon Necklace

From $350
diamond snowflake flower earrings on modeldiamond snowflake flower earrings PRE 407 14KY_ac1cefe8 7f24 4570 b973 4cdac00a642d

Diamond Snowflake Flower Earrings

gold realistic tropical seahorse charm necklace PRN 025

Seahorse Charm Necklace

From $345
panther cat charm niny necklace PRN 374 14KY

Panther Necklace

From $475
st. patricks shamrock charm dainty charm petite necklace PRB 038 14KY

Gold Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace

From $325
gold shark tooth necklace with rulergold shark tooth necklace

Gold Shark Tooth Necklace

From $495
petite gold dragonfly necklace with rulerpetite gold dragonfly necklace

Tiny Gold Dragonfly Necklace

From $275
white diamond pave double flower earring pre 446 14ky_aadac45a 9be4 44e6 b2ee e96b805d0eeb

White Diamond Double Flower Earring

venus flower stud earring PRE 423 14KY_79b0a3fc 9099 4c3a 9b5e 44680cc61dbf

Venus Flower Stud Earring

model wearing large diamond lotus flower earringslarge diamond lotus flower earrings PRE 406 14KY_6fab4907 2183 49df a69f 03157dabb029

Large Diamond Lotus Flower Earrings

gold turquoise lightning necklace on models neckturquoise inlaid lightning bolt necklace PRN 259 TUR

Turquoise Inlaid Lightning Bolt Necklace

From $350
gold butterfly wing earrings pre 007

Butterfly Earrings

beach sand shell tiny charm petite necklace PRN 275 14KY

Gold Shell Necklace

From $345
opal inlaid moon necklace PRN 375 OP

Opal Inlaid Moon Necklace

From $400
diamond flower blossom stud gold earrings side viewdiamond flower blossom stud gold earrings

Diamond Flower Blossom Stud Earrings

rainbow enamel heart necklacerainbow enamel heart necklace _1

Rainbow Enamel Heart Necklace

From $395
gold turquoise butterfly necklace on models neckturquoise inlaid folded butterfly necklace

Turquoise Inlaid Folded Butterfly Necklace

From $750
anatomical heart necklace_1anatomical heart necklace

Anatomical Heart Necklace

From $1,250
pave diamond anatomical heart necklace_1pave diamond anatomical heart necklace

Pave’ Diamond Anatomical Heart Necklace

From $5,800
tiny pave_ feather necklacetiny pave_ feather necklace_1

Tiny Pave’ Feather Necklace

From $950
tiny pave butterfly necklacetiny pave butterfly necklace_1

Tiny Pave' Butterfly Necklace

From $695
gold unicorn horn necklace 1_1_a1efac4c d138 4bec 84e9 b983de4f9002gold unicorn horn necklace 1

Unicorn Horn Necklace

From $495
diamond gold unicorn horn necklace_1diamond gold unicorn horn necklace

Pave Diamond Unicorn Horn Necklace

From $2,900
medium diamond skull gold necklace with rulermedium diamond skull gold necklace

Medium Diamond Skull Necklace

From $1,900
large diamond skull gold necklace with rulerlarge diamond skull gold necklace

Large Diamond Skull Necklace

From $5,800
diamond totem gold necklace with rulerdiamond totem gold necklace

Diamond Totem Necklace

From $1,350
diamond banana gold necklace with rulerdiamond banana gold necklace

Diamond Banana Necklace

From $1,350
diamond gold pot leaf necklace with rulerdiamond gold pot leaf necklace

Diamond Pot Leaf Necklace

From $795
large gold star necklace with rulerlarge gold star necklace

Large Gold Star Necklace

From $325
large gold skull necklace with rulerlarge gold skull necklace

Large Gold Skull Necklace

From $1,450
petite gold moon necklace with rulerpetite gold moon necklace

Tiny Gold Moon Necklace

From $285
Take inspiration from the best mother nature offers with our range of nature-inspired jewelry. Whether you like flora and fauna or take inspiration from the sky or sea, this fine jewelry collection is perfect for admirers of all organic shapes and symbols.

Explore jewelry inspired by treasures found at the seaside, shark teeth cufflinks, gold feather necklaces, starfish, shells, and seahorses charms. Or turn to the garden to discover elegant flower earrings and insect-inspired jewelry, including butterfly earrings, firefly necklaces, and diamond lotus flower earrings.

Stargazers will appreciate pieces inspired by the beauty of the night sky, whether it's a tiny gold moon necklace, a solid gold star charm, diamond snowflake earrings, or a turquoise or opal inlaid moon necklace. The most beautiful icons the natural world has to offer inspire this collection of solid gold necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and bracelets.

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