medium gold skull necklace with rulermedium gold skull necklace

Medium Gold Skull Necklace

From $550
petite gold butterfly necklace with rulerpetite gold butterfly necklace

Tiny Gold Butterfly Necklace

From $275
14k gold snake necklace PRN020_114k gold snake necklace PRN020

14k Gold Snake Necklace

From $345
black diamond moon pendant necklaceblack diamond chai necklace with rulerblack diamond moon pendant necklace PRN 397 BD

Black Diamond Moon Pendant Necklace

From $1,195
white diamond feather necklace with rulerwhite diamond feather necklace PRN 056 WD

White Diamond Feather Necklace

From $1,500
white diamond tiny moon earrings with rulerwhite diamond tiny moon earrings PRE 080 WD

White Diamond Tiny Moon Earrings

turquoise flower cluster ban PRR078 TUR

Turquoise Flower Cluster Ring

From $350
diamond flower gold bracelet  prb 057 14ky

Diamond Flower & Gold Bracelet

black diamond pave double flower earring pre 447 14ky_e1f584d5 ba36 4be1 91c5 b94d224d87c2

Black Diamond Double Flower Earring

diamond flower stud earrings PRE 410 14KY_5e3c9a9a 7da3 466d 8614 a5b75fce6af3

Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

pave gold sharks tooth charm necklace PRN290 14ky

Diamond Shark Tooth Charm Necklace

From $1,750
shark teeth tooth cufflinks PRMC 004

Shark Teeth Cufflinks

small golden apple necklace prn 377 14ky

Small Golden Apple Necklace

From $325
opal inlaid lightning bolt necklace PRN 259 OP

Opal Inlaid Lightning Bolt Necklace

From $400
large black diamond lightning bolt necklace prn 483 bd

Large Black Diamond Lightning Bolt Necklace

From $1,695
black diamond gold lightning necklace with ruler_169142d2 0861 459b a247 e6824207a50bblack diamond gold lightning necklace_fd95025b 509b 46d8 a6fd 9a331463b07f

Small Black Diamond Lightning Bolt Necklace

From $550
gold diamond lightning necklace on neckwhite diamond gold lightning necklace_af1bc1d2 5377 4cfb bfaa 86957eb9c5b2

Gold & Diamond Lightning Bolt Necklace

From $650
diamond lightning bolt stud earrings PRE 402 14KY_9c204f4f 673a 4770 8090 e51d83a58cbd

Diamond Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings

large lightning bolt charm plain petite necklace PRN 259 L 14KY

Gold Large Lightning Bolt Charm Necklace

From $595
black diamond four leaf clover necklace PRN 406 BD

Black Diamond Four Leaf Clover Necklace

From $1,250
diamond gold dragonfly necklace

Diamond & Gold Dragonfly Necklace

From $2,300
black diamond butterfly necklace prn 368 bd

Black Diamond Butterfly Necklace

From $1,350
diamond butterfly pendant necklace PRN 433 14KY_10dab7c3 a8ef 48ff a29f b3431e1503cc

Diamond Butterfly Pendant Necklace

From $1,450
gold diamond moon necklace on neckdiamond moon pendant necklace PRN 434 14KY_52dde57a 600c 4115 af04 e2ba226e503f

Diamond Moon Pendant Necklace

From $1,450
turquoise inlaid star necklace PRN 506 TUR

Turquoise Inlaid Star Necklace

From $350
pave diamond star ring PRR076

Gold & Diamond Star Ring

From $450
diamond constellation gold earrings PRE 155 14KY

Diamond Constellation Gold Earrings

tiny black diamond gold star necklace prn 489 bd

Tiny Black Diamond Gold Star Necklace

From $550
gold starfish stud earrings PRE 431 14KY_ef836ddb c20a 4000 a2f3 14bb73547428

Gold Starfish Stud Earrings

Take inspiration from the best mother nature offers with our range of nature-inspired jewelry. Whether you like flora and fauna or take inspiration from the sky or sea, this fine jewelry collection is perfect for admirers of all organic shapes and symbols.

Explore jewelry inspired by treasures found at the seaside, shark teeth cufflinks, gold feather necklaces, starfish, shells, and seahorses charms. Or turn to the garden to discover elegant flower earrings and insect-inspired jewelry, including butterfly earrings, firefly necklaces, and diamond lotus flower earrings.

Stargazers will appreciate pieces inspired by the beauty of the night sky, whether it's a tiny gold moon necklace, a solid gold star charm, diamond snowflake earrings, or a turquoise or opal inlaid moon necklace. The most beautiful icons the natural world has to offer inspire this collection of solid gold necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and bracelets.

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