gold 1 letter initial necklace on neckimage of gold initial necklace PRN 019 R

14k Gold Initial Necklace

multiple gold diamond and initial bracelets stacked on womans handinitial alphabet letter gold bracelet

14k Gold Initial Bracelet

gold 2 letter initial necklace on womans necktwo letter gold initial necklace PRN 504 14KY

2 Letter Gold Initial Necklace

tiny gold heart bracelet prb 043 14ky

Tiny Gold Heart Bracelet

gold initial ring on womans fingergold inital womens ring PRR 016 M

14k Gold Initial Ring

petite cross mini charm exquisite necklace PRN 237 14KY

Tiny Cross Gold Necklace

From $275
gold love knot bracelet prb 041 14ky

Gold Love Knot Bracelet

tiny inlay rectangle turquoise bar necklace PRN 501 14k

Tiny Inlay Rectangle Turquoise Bar Necklace

From $325
7mm gold staple stud earrings PRE 172 14KY

7mm Gold Staple Stud Earrings

tiny gold heart stud earrings PRE 429 14KY

Tiny Gold Heart Stud Earrings

tiny gold dot stud earrings PRE 420 14KY

Tiny Gold Dot Stud Earrings

gold triangle stud earrings PRE 414 14KY

Gold Triangle Stud Earrings

tiny gold cross stud earrings PRE 430 14KY

Tiny Gold Cross Stud Earrings

2 gold_initial letter necklace illustrationtwo letter diamond gold initial necklace PRN 007 02

2 Letter Gold and Diamond Initial Necklace

Gold Personalized Nameplate Bar Necklace PRN 400 14KY

Gold Personalized Nameplate Bar Necklace

baby infinity mini charm light necklace PRN 378 14KY_7bc471a3 bfee 43f4 92e4 a62a9f30c5cb

Small Infinity Charm Necklace

From $245
cute open heart necklace PRN 145 14KY

Keep Your Heart Open Tiny Gold Necklace

From $295
eyelash stud earrings PRE 398 14KY_1b5503f2 6c09 4420 9bde 2d4748c75591

Eyelash Stud Earrings

double bubble turquoise necklace PRN 503 14k

Double Bubble Turquoise Necklace

From $295
cute heart charm small charm exquisite necklace PRN 288 14KY

Small Flat Heart Gold Necklace

From $295
tiny heart on a precious ring PRR 072 14KY

Heart Charm Gold Ring

From $165
tiny gold cross bracelet prb 042 14ky_90d78a39 3472 4642 a8e3 20cb51c59920

Side Ways Cross Bracelet

marquee eye stud earrings PRE 397 14KY

Marquee Eye Stud Earrings

gold bubble studs PRE 395 14KY

Gold Bubble Studs

gold arrow charm pendant necklace prn201 14k

Arrow Necklace

From $345
large infinity sign petite necklace PRN 352 14KY

Infinty Sign Charm Necklace

From $345
large infinity sign ring in yellow gold PRR 065 14KY

Gold Infinity Sign Charm Ring

From $265
gold step pyramid stud earrings PRE 418 14KY

Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings

horseshoe dainty luck charm petite necklace PRN 210 14KY

Lucky Horseshoe Charm Necklace

From $295
tiny inlay rectangle turquoise bar earrings PRE 508 14k_1

Tiny Inlay Rectangle Turquoise Bar Earrings

tiny inlay rectangle turquoise bar gold bracelet on womans handtiny inlay rectangle turquoise bar bracelet PRB 505 14k

Tiny Inlay Rectangle Turquoise Bar Bracelet

curved heart tiny charm petite necklace PRN 388 14KY

Small Curved Heart Gold Necklace

From $345
gold puffy heart necklace charm PRN 026

Puffy Heart Charm Necklace

From $325
diamond gold love knot necklace prn 492 wd

Diamond & Gold Love Knot Necklace

From $695
gold square stud earring PRE 411 14KY

Gold Square Stud Earring

Classic Gold Horseshoe Bracelet

Classic Gold Horseshoe Bracelet

inlayed turquoise rectangle band PRR077 TUR

Inlayed Turquoise Rectangle Ring

From $350
double bubble turquoise earrings PRE 506 14k

Double Bubble Turquoise Earrings

folded heart gold necklace prn 371 14k

Folded Heart Gold Necklace

From $425
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