libra gold zodiac necklace on womans necklibra gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Libra Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
multiple gold and diamond bracelets stacked on womans hand_9c470594 f206 4d9b 9f23 eaad4071fa31libra gold zodiac bracelet PRB 440 14K

Libra Gold Zodiac Bracelet

libra gold zodiac earring PRE 440 14K

Libra Gold Zodiac Earring

gold diamond libra necklace on womans necklibra diamond zodiac necklace PRN 441 14K

Libra Diamond Zodiac Necklace

From $695
libra diamond zodiac bracelet PRB 441 14K

Libra Diamond Zodiac Bracelet

libra diamond zodiac earring PRE 441 14K

Libra Diamond Zodiac Earring

Explore handcrafted Libra jewelry from the Phoenix Roze zodiac jewelry collection. This exquisite range of Libra-inspired jewelry pieces makes a perfect gift for that special someone or yourself.

The Libra gold jewelry collection is ideal for anyone whose birthday falls between September 23rd through October 22nd. Libra translates to “pair of scales” in Latin, and the balanced scales inspire the Phoenix Roze Libra pendants and Libra charm bracelets. Our collection also includes delicate Libra stud earrings so you can wear your sign with pride daily. All items in the Libra star sign jewelry collection are available in your choice of solid yellow, white, or rose gold.

For something extra special, the Libra fine jewelry collection also includes diamond Libra jewelry such as diamond libra necklaces, diamond libra bracelets, and diamond earrings. Explore the full range to find the perfect piece for your star sign or the special Libra in your life.

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