pisces gold zodiac necklace on womans neckpisces gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Pisces Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
pisces gold zodiac bracelet PRB 440 14K

Pisces Gold Zodiac Bracelet

pisces gold zodiac earring PRE 440 14K

Pisces Gold Zodiac Earring

pisces diamond zodiac necklace on womans neck_1pisces diamond zodiac necklace PRN 441 14K

Pisces Diamond Zodiac Necklace

From $695
pisces diamond zodiac bracelet PRB 441 14K

Pisces Diamond Zodiac Bracelet

pisces diamond zodiac earring PRE 441 14K

Pisces Diamond Zodiac Earring

Discover fine gold Pisces jewelry from our handcrafted Zodiac jewelry range. Ideal for a sensitive and gracious Pisces, this collection of fine gold jewelry includes astrological designs in yellow, rose, and white gold.

Our delicate Pisces gold charm takes inspiration from the symbol of Pisces, which depicts two curved vertical lines with a straight horizontal line intersecting them. This design is visible across the Pisces range, so you can wear your sign on your neck with Pisces pendants, on your sleeve with Pisces bracelets, or frame your face with stunning Pisces stud earrings.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or the Pisces in your life, our collection has something for everyone. If you’re looking for something more elevated, our diamond Pisces jewelry includes bracelets, pendants, or diamond Pisces earrings. Explore the complete zodiac jewelry collection to find the perfect piece.

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