About Us

Image of Phoenix Roze Store Interior

Phoenix Roze is located in the West Village, one of New York's trendiest shopping areas. From our iconic initial necklace to hand-worked diamond jewelry, we strive to create artisanal jewelry in a sustainable way. Phoenix Roze is proud to craft exciting jewelry that looks and feels like a work of art.

Image of Guy Rozenstrich

The artistic nature of Phoenix Roze designs stems from the fine art background of our designer, Guy Rozenstrich. Guy is classically trained, with a BFA in Fine Arts from the School Of Visual Arts, and an MA from the New School in Media Studies and Film. 

"I always considered myself an artist who fell in love with jewelry making. It doesn't really matter if you paint on canvas or make beautiful jewelry. My inspiration is always life and nature. My goal is to create beautiful pieces that will last forever and add beauty and excitement to our lives" says Rozenstrich.

 All the stones used in our designs are handpicked. Guy personally makes every piece of jewelry with passion and love. Not only does he enjoy the design part of it but the process or making it using traditional “slow jewelry” making methods. By taking the time to hand-make each piece Guy believes that he imbeds his love and energy into each and every piece. This kind of energy never fades. 

 Guy Rozenstrich is a second-generation jeweler and uses quality craft techniques passed down by his father. His father was trained in the jewelry art of filigree and Guy grew up with a strong appreciation for the craft of jewellery making. As a child he remembers his father's drawer being filled with magical stones. It was this drawer of ‘pirate’s treasure’ that inspired him to turn his childhood fantasy world into his reality.

 Phoenix Roze designs are at times simple, at times elaborate but never conventional. Each piece is composed of brilliant colors and shimmer. The quality of the stones is unmistakable.

 The other partner in Phoenix Roze, Stephen Hoerz, is the spinning wheel of this entrepreneurial enterprise. His mission is to harness the immense amount of creativity and talent and reincarnate it into a force that is accessible and tangible to everyone.

 Together, Stephen Hoerz and Guy Rozenstrich aim to make Phoenix Roze the destination for artisan, eco-friendly fine jewelry that is both beautiful and accessible.