“I love dainty and delicate, I find it refreshing in a world that is becoming more and more loud. Sometimes, a whisper is more powerful than a scream.”

- Guy Rozenstrich, Founder

Storefront of our West Village NYC jewelry store offering gold initial necklaces and custom jewelry design

Where We Started

Phoenix Roze was born in the historic neighborhood of New York City's West Village. Here, Guy Rozenstrich, a classically trained artist, and Stephen Hoerz, an entrepreneur passionate about sustainable luxury, transformed their shared vision into reality. In a small workshop, they began crafting jewelry that merged fine art with ethical craftsmanship, laying the foundation for what Phoenix Roze would become—a symbol of beauty, meaning, and responsibility.

Newly designed custom engagement ring on finger, in our NYC West Village jewelry store.

Our Mission

At Phoenix Roze, our mission is to make customizable and personalized fine jewelry accessible to everyone. From the options available on our website to bespoke pieces commissioned by clients, we strive to transform individual visions into a treasured reality. We are committed to ensuring that each piece of jewelry we create not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those who wear it, making luxury personal and profoundly meaningful.

Beautiful interior photo of our West Village, NYC jewelry store

Sustainability & Community

At Phoenix Roze, we are dedicated to intertwining our artistic heritage with a future-focused, eco-conscious approach. Our mission is to craft stunning, sustainable jewelry—from renowned initial necklaces to intricate diamond pieces—that embodies high ethical standards and enriches the community. We integrate traditional craftsmanship with modern sustainable practices, proudly contributing to the global movement towards sustainable luxury. Our creations not only enhance personal style but also respect and protect our planet.

"When I meet a client to design something for them, I come with an open mind. I listen to them and try to see if something catches my ear. It doesn’t have to be a word or a story, it could be a tone in their voice that distracts me from focusing. I start there. Creativity follows."

- Guy Rozenstrich, Founder

Phoenix Roze owners Stephen Hoerz and Guy Rozenstrich, master jeweler, posing with their puppies

Meet Guy & Stephen

Guy Rozenstrich and Stephen Hoerz are the creative force behind Phoenix Roze. Guy, a classically trained artist, infuses his passion for life and nature into every handcrafted piece of jewelry, turning each into a work of art. Stephen, the entrepreneurial spirit of the duo, drives the brand's accessibility and commitment to sustainable practices. Together, they blend artistic craftsmanship with ethical luxury, making Phoenix Roze a beacon for those who cherish artisanal beauty and integrity.

What Our Customers Are Saying