Collection: Nautical Jewelry

Feel the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes with our collection of women's gold nautical jewelry featuring gold shell necklaces, seahorse charms, and shark tooth necklaces.

Take the sea with you wherever go or dress for occasion next time hit beach. our gold nautically inspired jewelry collection is sure to leave an impression whether on shores of cape cod lake michigan. from maine california maritime and life-themed perfect your ocean-inspired outfit.
Shop our range of sophisticated sea-inspired gold jewelry, with designs from the natural world fit for a mermaid or nautically themed pendants and charms for sailing enthusiasts.

Our fine nautical jewelry includes gold anchor necklaces or anchor stud earrings, or there are sea life-inspired shark tooth necklaces, seahorse necklaces, or starfish earrings for an effortlessly beachy look. Men can also find sea-inspired shark tooth cufflinks in 14k yellow gold or platinum. Explore the range today and take to the seas in style.