Collection: Gold Leo Zodiac Jewelry

Our Gold Leo Zodiac Jewelry section is exclusive to the loyal and kind-hearted Leo, born between July 23rd and August 22nd.

Leo jewelry is perfect for the generous and passionate Leo Zodiac sign. In astrology, those born from July 23rd through August 22nd are Leos, who can be stubborn but also like to have fun. A Leo loves to be surprised with a thoughtful gift, and what better gift than one of our gold Leo’s jewelry designs.

The Phoenix Roze zodiac collection includes astrological jewelry for all signs, including the Leo. Our Leo necklaces are inspired by the Leo constellation and come in sold yellow, pink, or white gold.

The collection also includes Leo bracelets and Leo stud earrings. Our diamond Leo jewelry range includes classic designs that are extra special as a gift for yourself or the unique Leo in your life.