Collection: Gold Cancer Zodiac Jewelry

Check out our Gold Cancer Zodiac Jewelry collection, made exclusively for the intuitive Cancer! If you were born between June 21st through July 22nd, this is the section for you!

Cancer zodiac jewelry is perfect for the Leo jewelry is perfect for the generous and passionate Cancerian. In astrology, those born from June 21st through July 22nd are Cancers who are the nurturers of the zodiac and are often very loving. They deserve to be spoiled in return with a thoughtful gift or can treat themselves with one of our gold Cancer jewelry designs.

The Phoenix Roze zodiac collection includes Cancer jewelry designs and astrological jewelry for all other star signs. Our Cancer necklaces are inspired by the Cancer constellation, with a stylized crab charm that comes in sold yellow, pink, or white gold. The Cancer collection also includes cancer crab bracelets and cancer sign stud earrings. Our diamond Cancer jewelry includes classic designs elevated with diamonds to make them extra special.