gold taurus necklace on womans necktaurus gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Taurus Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
taurus gold zodiac bracelet PRB 440 14K

Taurus Gold Zodiac Bracelet

taurus gold zodiac earring PRE 440 14K

Taurus Gold Zodiac Earring

taurus diamond zodiac necklace on womans neck_1taurus diamond zodiac necklace PRN 441 14K

Taurus Diamond Zodiac Necklace

From $695
multiple gold bracelets stacked on womans hand_1_8a3e56a0 6e30 4576 96d5 701fb10f167ataurus diamond zodiac bracelet PRB 441 14K

Taurus Diamond Zodiac Bracelet

taurus diamond zodiac earring PRE 441 14K

Taurus Diamond Zodiac Earring

Taurus jewelry is a perfect present for yourself or any loved ones born between April 20th to May 20th. The Taurus is known to be dependable, musical, and practical, they deserve to be rewarded with a special piece of jewelry to treasure forever.

Taurus is symbolized as a bull, and the Phoneix Roze design is a chic take on the bull’s impressive horns. The delicate range of fine Taurus sign jewelry includes Taurus earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, all available in solid yellow, white, or rose gold. For something extra special, the Taurus accessories range also includes diamond-encrusted options, including diamond Taurus necklaces, diamond Taurus studs, or diamond Taurus bracelets.

Explore the range to find the ideal piece of Taurus jewelry for the astrology fan in your life. Shop Taurus pendants and other popular options from the Taurus sign collection.

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