Bridesmaid Jewelry Trends For 2019

Bridesmaid Jewelry Trends For 2019

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Jewelry is the item that kick-starts the wedding journey, and it’s a big part of your big day. Jewelry is present at every stage of the wedding day and for every member of the bridal party. Jewelry plays a part, starting from the engagement ring, through to wedding bands, cufflinks and bridesmaid’s jewelry.

Trends in bridesmaid’s jewelry come and go, just as the bride’s jewelry is largely dictated by fashion. Trends in dresses and hairstyles often dictate the most suitable style of jewelry for the maid of honor, flower girls and bridesmaids.

It is becoming common for brides to gift their bridal party with jewelry to wear on the Big Day. What better way to thank your best friends for their help than with a special piece of jewelry they can wear at your wedding and beyond. Choose your bridesmaid gift wisely and even the worst bridezillas will be forgiven for diva bride behavior!

The ideal gift should appeal to your bridesmaids and their individual taste, but also acknowledge their exclusive membership as one of your best friends. If you plan on the gift being worn on your wedding day it also needs to match the dress and hairstyle you have chosen for your bridesmaids. If you have multiple bridesmaids you will need to choose items that match or look cohesive, and which have wider appeal.

Bridesmaid Earrings

Earrings are a popular choice of bridesmaid’s jewelry, as it is common for bridesmaids to wear an up-do hairstyle. An up hairstyle allows earrings to really shine, and work easily with different outfits.

Recent bridesmaid trends lean towards larger statement earring styles, although studs will always be a classic alternative. Some stunning bridesmaid earrings include our statement Double Drip Gold Earrings, Petite Gold & Diamond Hoops or Classic Drop Earrings.

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Double Drip Gold Earrings, $295

Bridesmaid Bracelet

A bracelet is a classic symbol of friendship. If you once gave your bestie a woven friendship bracelet on the playground, now is the time to upgrade her and reward her long-lasting friendship. Phoenix Roze has a large collection of love and friendship themed bracelets for the loved ones in your life. Why not treat your bridesmaids to a Gold XO Bracelet, Diamond Flower Bracelet. For an extra thoughtful touch choose a custom initial bracelet. Your bridesmaids don’t have to be dripping with diamonds to feel special on your big day, personalized pieces will make them feel treasured and individual.

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Diamond Flower Bracelet, $595

Bridesmaid Rings

Rings are a less common choice for bridesmaids, as they tend to be romantic gifts in nature. However, if you want to gift a bridesmaid ring, you can your best friends like the stars they are with a Diamond Star Ring.

Image of Gold & Diamond Star Ring

Diamond Star Ring, $450

If you want to match your bridesmaid jewelry to the bride be sure to check our guide to Bridal Jewelry Must Haves.

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