Get the Look: How You Can Emulate Meghan Markle’s Jewelry Style

Image of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

It was the celebrity wedding of the year when everyone’s favorite royal, the lovable Prince Harry, married former Suits actress Meghan Markle.

In the lead up to the wedding, and every public outing since, royal watchers and fashion followers have noted the outfits, every accessory and every item of jewelry worn by the Los Angeles native. Most of the world’s female population hope to emulate England’s newest princess, so we’ve put together our guide to choosing jewelry that’s fit for a modern day royal.

8 Jewelry Styles You Can Copy to Sparkle Like Meghan Markle

Go for Gold Jewelry

Meghan tends to favor minimal pieces made from warm yellow gold. Her everyday jewelry is almost always gold, as was her engagement ring from Prince Harry. Gold is a great color to complement Meghan’s hair and skin tones, as well as flattering the colors she often chooses for outfits.

Wear A Thin Modern Ring on Every Finger

Meghan is a very modern princess and wears trendy, contemporary styles that sometimes push the boundaries of ‘appropriate’ or conservative royal attire. She’s often seen wearing multiple delicate stacked rings, often on all her fingers at once. Meghan has even been spotted wearing thumb rings, which is a layering style that’s right out of fashion magazines, but never seen on royals.


Image of 2mm Gold Wedding Band

2mm Gold Wedding Band, $325

 Layer Up Your Bangles

Alongside her penchant for layered rings, Meghan is also a fan of layering bracelets and bangles (in gold of course). She was spotted wearing four different bracelets stacked on one wrist at a concert for the Queen's 92nd birthday in April 2018.

Dress Up with Double Diamond Earrings

At Christmas in 2017 Meghan made one of her first big appearances with the Royal family. For this special occasion Meghan pulled out some of her more formal items of jewelry, stunning double diamond drop earrings. These earrings were the perfect mix of timeless elegance and modern style. The earrings set the right tone for the American stunner to meet the entire royal family for the first time. 

Mis-Match Your Earrings

While Meghan knows that an event like Christmas calls for classic style, she’s not afraid to have some fun on less formal occasions. The Princess has been spotted mixing and matching her earrings on several occasions, usually mixing contemporary designs such as shooting stars and eyelash stud earrings. Maybe she was a little scatter brained on these days, or maybe she was just being playful with her look – either way, if it’s good enough for a Princess…

Wear A Cross on Your Wrist

Before she could become the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle had to convert to the Church of England (the official religion on Britain, of which the Queen is head). For her baptism and confirmation Meghan broke her yellow gold trend by wearing a white gold and diamond cross bracelet which was gifted by her beau Prince Harry. To emulate this style on everyday occasions try a black diamond version.

Image of Black Diamond Cross Bracelet

Black Diamond Cross Bracelet, $425

Try A Signet Ring

When the Duchess of Sussex went to visit Sussex on a recent trip she wore the ultimate millennial jewelry item – a signet ring. Signet rings have a deep history with royal families, dating back centuries to a time when the signet bore family crests. Reinvented in a modern style the gold signet ring seen on this occasion was actually a new design, and wasn’t sourced from the palace archives. 

Lust After That Wedding Tiara

THAT wedding tiara was an heirloom lent to Meghan by the Queen. It’s common in the royal family to pass items around, and you will often see both Meghan and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wearing items lent by the Queen or previously worn by the late Princess Diana. These loaned items are often the only items where Meghan breaks her gold tradition and wears silver, white gold or bigger showstopping pieces. Sadly, for us this is one item of Jewelry we won’t easily be able to emulate, and few modern occasions would call for such an ornate piece, but still, we can dream.

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