How To Wear The Over-sized Hoop Trend

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Hoops made their latest comeback as part of the wider resurrection of early-aughts fashion trends. The hoop earrings trend was as ubiquitous to the early 2000s as low rise jeans, Paris Hilton, and butterfly clips. Metallics in particular were a huge trend of the early 21st century. Bold metal hoops were a red carpet staple on the It Girls of the time.


The History Of Hoop Earrings


The history of hoop earrings goes back much further than just the last decade. Circles are often used to symbolize eternity, perhaps explaining their eternal appeal.


The first hoop earrings originated around 2500 B.C.E. in Africa in the area now called Sudan. Hoops soon spread to other cultures. They were prevalent in ancient Egypt, Rome, Persia, and Greece. While common for women, men sometimes wore hoop earrings as well. Ancient Persian artifacts depict soldiers wearing a single hoop earring.


For several centuries ear jewelry saw a decline. Smaller earrings were in favor through the 1600 and 1700s. But, by the mid-1800s small hoops were making a comeback. In the 20th-century America hoop earrings were associated with Native American and Latino culture. With shorter hairstyles in the 1920s earrings came back in a big way. The discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb brought about a revival in Egyptian inspired jewelry.


In the disco era of the ’60s and ’70s, hoops were the signature look. Icons Cher and Diana Ross were notorious for flaunting large hoops. Through the 1990s and early 2000s, hoops were once again in Vogue. Hip hop culture and the popularity of Latino stars such as Jennifer Lopez drove interest in hoops once again.


How To Wear Oversized Hoops


Fast forward to 2020 and the It Girls of the day are working the hoop trend again. This time, it's often with the addition of the must-have face mask.


Kaia Gerber is often seen wearing hoops, which work particularly well with her sleek bob haircut. On the flipside, Zendaya has worn the supersized hoop trend with a messy updo style, letting the hoops take center stage.


Hailey Baldwin has made hoops part of her signature look, wearing them with all types of hairstyles and outfits. Hailey shows the versatility of hoops to work with street style looks or on the red carpet.


Model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are fans of the pirate style hoop earring. The stylish sisters are often spotted wearing super chunky hoop earrings.


Hoops were also seen on the runways of Fenty, Puma, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga in 2020. The runway trend is a sign that this style will be sticking around for some time. As many of us adjust to regularly wearing facemasks in 2020, hoops are the ideal earring. They work well with masks as they don’t tangle like dangly drop earring styles.


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