Sapphire Jewelry - The September Birthstone

The September birthstone is sapphire, and sapphire jewelry is made with variations of this beautiful fine stone. Sapphire is a striking gem that's been treasured and favored by royalty for thousands of years. The term sapphire usually refers to the blue variety but this birthstone also comes in a rainbow of other sapphire colors.

Blue sapphires are instantly recognizable and synonymous with royalty. This precious gemstone, consists of a variety of the mineral corundum, made up of aluminum oxide with some trace amounts of other elements such as magnesium, iron, titanium, vanadium or chromium.

Virgo’s and other September babies can wear gorgeous sapphire jewelry styles they pick for themselves or are given as a gift. Birthstone gifts show the wearing how much you have chosen something unique and special for them.

What is the meaning of sapphires?

Sapphires are a symbol of innocence and longevity and are also believed to be a talisman for good health. The sapphire stone is associated with prosperity, hope, inner faith, beauty, and inner peace.

When should you buy sapphire jewelry? 

Sapphires not only make great birthday presents for anyone born in September, but they are excellent gifts for a couple after 45 years of marriage. Giving a blue sapphire as a 45th-anniversary is a traditional wedding gift that symbolizes the ever-lasting love between the couple.

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present, wedding gift, or just to treat yourself, we’ve got stunning handmade options for you. Explore some of our gorgeous sapphire bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Discover Sapphire Jewelry 

sapphire ring

Sapphire Baguette Ring, $1,150.00

This stunning Sapphire Baguette Ring features a gorgeous 5mm baguette-cut sapphire. The central stone is flanked by pave set round cut sapphires on a 14kt gold band. This is a show-stopping piece with a total carat weight of .20. The royal blue gems on this gorgeous sapphire ring are sure to dazzle anyone with a birthday in September.

sapphire earrings

Sapphire, Diamond & Gold Stud Earrings, $650.00

Sapphires are the stone of royalty, and these sapphire diamond and gold stud earrings are fit for a Queen. Shine like royalty with these striking sapphire and diamond stud earrings. Measuring 3x5mm these 14kt gold earrings are the epitome of elegance.

sapphire bracelet
Square Cut Sapphire & Gold Bracelet, $295.00

This square-cut Ceylon gold and sapphire bracelet makes a stunning addition to your jewelry collection. This bracelet is a modern classic with a stone size of 2.5mm and the bracelet measures approximately 6.75in length. The bracelet chain is made in solid 14k yellow gold.

multicolored sapphire necklace
Multicolor Sapphire Mandala Necklace $950.00

When we think of sapphires, the beautiful blue is the first thing we think of. So you may be surprised to learn that sapphires can also come in other colors. Multi-colored sapphires are rare, making this gold and sapphire necklace a truly unique design. This 12.5mm diameter gold pendant is studded with gorgeous multi-color sapphires in a mandala design. There are more than just blue sapphires here. You can see yellow sapphires, red sapphires, and green sapphires as well! These rare and uniquely colored sapphires make up a very special piece.

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