Spooky Halloween Jewelry

It’s that time of year again, the time when little bumps and creaks put you on edge and strange shadows dance on the walls. The decorations come out to play, and so do the dress-up boxes. Yes, things are certainly starting to get a little bit… spooky! 
October 31 is just around the corner, so it’s time to find the perfect Halloween jewelry to complement your perfect Halloween costume. Whether you’re going all out this year, or just want a subtle spooky nod, our range of Halloween necklaces, bracelets and earrings are just what you’re looking for. Check out these scary pieces for some Halloween accessory inspiration.

Halloween Necklaces

Elevate your Halloween jewelry with these fine necklaces that are absolutely to die for! Whether is a macabre 14k gold skull, a menacing shark’s tooth pendant, or a gross yet elegant anatomical heart, you’ll find we’ve got the perfect Halloween pendant for you.
Gold anatomical heart necklace
diamond skull necklace
gold shark tooth necklace
gold snake necklace
Black diamond moon necklace

Halloween Earrings


If you’re looking to frame your face with something wicked, these earrings are sure to draw attention and add an edge to your Halloween costume. Moon earrings will be sure to cast a spell on any outfit, while a dangerous diamond spike shows your character is not to be messed with.
tiny moon earrings
gold diamond spike earrings
gold skull earrings

Halloween Bracelets


Bracelets were traditionally worn to guard against evil spirits so if you’re looking for some extra protection this October there’s no better time to get yourself a stylish and protective amulet. Try one of our lucky symbol bracelets on for size to protect yourself from bad omens.
black diamond horseshoe bracelet
gold diamond evil eye bracelet
Whether you’re a true believer or just having some fun this spooky season. Phoenix Roze has the perfect piece of fine jewelry for you to wear on October 31st - and beyond! Explore our full range now.

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