Jewelry Styles That Have Passed the Test of Time

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Wondering what jewelry styles never go out of fashion? It’s a common question, and not a surprising one. Jewelry trends can come and go, and changes and fads in jewelry aren’t just limited to costume jewelry, even fine jewelry can fall fashion victim.

But there are jewelry styles that have passed the test of time and stayed popular and chic for years, decades or centuries, here we look at some of the most popular jewelry styles of all time.

Timeless Jewelry Styles

Diamond Stud Earrings

A diamond stud is a classic and versatile piece of jewelry that women love to wear or dream to own. A pair of diamond earrings is unbeatable as a romantic gift and is such a simple yet striking style that it can pair with a huge range of outfits and suit many different tastes.Diamonds themselves have been a symbol of love and commitment since the ancient Greeks, but diamond earrings really came into popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Diamond studs are so popular that many men throughout time and in modern day also choose to wear this classic style. Studs are small, so they are more practical than showy costume jewelry and don’t fall victim to passing trends. For the contemporary woman Phoenix Roze has several modern takes on diamond stud styles such as the Diamond Constellation Gold Earrings, or the more understated Double Baguette Diamond & Gold Stud Earrings.

A String of Pearls

Pearls come in and out of ‘fashion’ regularly and can often be the ‘it’ jewelry of a given season. However, at the same time they remain a timeless jewelry staple. A string of pearls is often seen in popular culture, literature, and art.

Pearl necklace styles can change as fashion’s change, and are sometimes prim and proper, sometimes short or sometimes long like Coco Channel’s in the 1920’s. On other occasions pearls a reinterpreted with a punk rock edge mixed up with studs or added to chokers. More traditional pearl styles make beautiful gifts because they can be worn over time at many special occasions, and are often worn at weddings, christenings and other special events.

A Simple Gold Chain

Gold chains have been around since ancient Babylon and are one of the oldest necklace styles that is still popular today. The circle of the gold chain represents eternal, never-ending love and a human connection. Gold chains have been popular for both men and women for centuries, with trends in length and weight varying every few decades. Modern trends for gold necklaces tend towards more delicate styles, often with personalized features, such as letters or name bars.

A Charm Bracelet

Many jewelry items originate as good luck talismans or charms, and none is better known than the charm bracelet. Ancient cultures believed that a wearer of a charm bracelet would live a ‘charmed’ life, protected by the talismans and trinkets attached to it. Charmed bracelets were once adorned with different symbols to signify a person’s religion or political leanings. Nowadays the charm bracelet is more individual, and often built over a lifetime, adding charms for significant life events. For those who prefer a bracelet that’s less bulky, a simple horseshoe bracelet can also provide you all the luck you need.

Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold hoop earrings are both a fad and a staple when it comes to jewelry. Different proportions and styles of a gold hoop have been hugely popular over the years, while classic simple styles always remain in vogue. Large gold hoops have remained popular since the 1980’s while small gold hoops are less volatile when it comes to fashion trends. Gold hoops dating from 2500 BC were discovered by archeologists, and many cultures have a strong culture tradition of gifting women with gold hoop earrings. Some of us however, will always associate gold hoops with Jennifer Lopez who rocked them in the early nineties.

If you’re looking to invest in jewelry that she’ll love for years to come, look no further than the range of quality Phoenix Roze jewelry, made by hand in New York of the finest quality metals and stones.

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