Tune Into the Divine with Spiritual Jewelry

Stay Mindful with Spiritual Jewelry

Whatever your faith or spiritual inclination may be, adorning yourself in sacred symbols has multiple benefits: It is an expression of what you hold to be most important, as well as a reminder to yourself of what lies deeper. It fosters a connection with the divine, however mundane an activity you may be engaging in—whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store or stuck in a traffic jam. Or it may simply convey your reverence and piety.

Our Spiritual Jewelry Collection includes over a dozen exquisite pieces that will nourish your spirit and soul in a most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Spiritual Jewelry for Different Faiths

Here are five captivating pieces from the collection that will infuse your wardrobe with a deeper meaning.

Note that each style is customizable with your choice of yellow, white, or rose 14-karat gold. Rings also come in seven sizes ranging from five to eight, and necklaces are available in four drop lengths between 16 and 19 inches.

  1. Sideways Cross Bracelet


Image of Sideways Gold Cross Bracelet

The sideways cross is a unique take on the traditional vertical cross, whose meaning has a variety of theories.

Its horizontal orientation is held by some to signify humanity, or Earthly existence, located in the realm between heaven and hell. Similarly, its orientation is also regarded as a symbol of neutrality and a grounding in the present.

There is no hard and fast meaning; it comes down to your own personal evaluation.

The Sideways Cross Bracelet, $245, features this charm attached to a delicate gold chain.

  1. Guardian Angel Wings Ring


Guardian Angel Wings Ring

Serving as a visible reminder of protection from the heavens, you’ll feel safe and secure with the graceful golden Guardian Angel Wings Ring, $295, entwining your finger.

  1. Yoga Ohm Charm Necklace

Yoga Ohm Charm Necklace

The Ohm icon (also  “om” or “aum”) is representative of a mantra, a sound composed of three syllables that is regarded as sacred in Hinduism. It is often recited as an incantation at the beginning and end of yoga sessions and as part of many rituals and rites.

It has multifarious mystical meanings and connotations that encapsulate the most essential aspects of Hinduism. Some of its meanings are detailed in the Mandukya Upanishad, the shortest of the 108 Upanishads, ancient Sanskrit Hindu texts that cover philosophical topics. Its interpretations include the past, present, and future as a whole; universal consciousness; and the entirety of the universe.

Display this powerful symbol on the bewitching gold Yoga Ohm Charm Necklace, $325.

  1. Holy Trinity Charm Necklace

Holy Trinity Charm Necklace

A great mystery of the Bible, the Holy Trinity is commonly regarded in Christian denominations as representative of God as the father, as the Son, and as the Holy Ghost. They are like three personalities of God, which come together in unity as a singular being: God. The word “trinity” is expressive of this, as it combines “tri-” from “trio” plus “-nity” from “unity.” It is understandably a challenge to wrap one’s head around, but as many Christians often say, God works in mysterious ways.

The golden Holy Trinity Charm Necklace, $595, embodies this abstract concept with three circles joined at the edges, each of which contains a single scintillating white diamond.

  1. Pavé Hamsa Necklace

Pavé Hamsa Necklace

The Hamsa hand is an ancient amulet regarded by Middle Eastern religions as protective from evil. Each finger is representative of a different chakra, and together the five fingers form a singular powerful defense. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” and each chakra (of which there are seven major ones) is thought to be a center of spiritual and physical energy.

On the ornate Pavé Hamsa Necklace, $1,250, the Hamsa charm is an enchanting sight: pavé set white diamonds infill the shape’s gold edges, and black diamonds form a circle in its center.

Get in tune with your spiritual side. Why not slip into something truly divine?

Do you have a piece of spiritual jewelry that connects you with the divine? Share below.

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I really enjoyed reading this blog post about spiritual jewelry! It’s great to see such a diverse collection that caters to different faiths and beliefs. The descriptions of each piece and its symbolism were fascinating, and it’s wonderful to see jewelry that not only looks beautiful but also serves as a reminder of what’s important to us.

Soul Mart

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