gold dragonfly necklace on models neckgold dragonfly necklace

Gold Dragonfly Necklace

From $395
cute heart charm small charm exquisite necklace PRN 288 14KY

Small Flat Heart Gold Necklace

From $295
gold shark tooth charm summer necklace PRN 291 14KY

Gold Shark Tooth Charm Necklace

From $795
gold banana necklace on models neckgold banana tiny charm light necklace PRN 373 14KY

Gold Banana Charm Necklace

From $345
14k medium feather tiny charm light necklace PRN 383 14KY

Gold Feather Charm Necklace

From $365
black white diamond gold stud earrings PRE 157 BD_f970e012 3b41 4217 9c01 bab4dc8f22a2

Black & White Diamond & Gold Stud Earrings

eyelash stud earrings PRE 398 14KY_1b5503f2 6c09 4420 9bde 2d4748c75591

Eyelash Stud Earrings

Gold pave' diamond bar pendant necklace for women

Diamond Bar Necklace

From $795
designer square cut diamond charm necklace PRN 010

Square Diamond Necklace

From $595
unicorn impressed wax seal mens pendant PRMN 001

Unicorn Impressed Wax Seal Necklace

sagittarius gold zodiac earring PRE 440 14K

Sagittarius Gold Zodiac Earring

round cut ruby gold bracelet prb 061 14ky

Round Cut Ruby & Gold Bracelet

square cut sapphire and gold bracelet on womans handsquare cut sapphire gold bracelet prb 059 14ky

Square Cut Sapphire & Gold Bracelet

tiny gold cross bracelet prb 042 14ky_90d78a39 3472 4642 a8e3 20cb51c59920

Side Ways Cross Bracelet

pave heart bracelet PRB 001

Keep Your Heart Open Diamond Bracelet

12mm diamond huggie hoop earring on models ear10mm Diamond Huggie Hoop Earring - Sold Individually

10mm Diamond Huggie Hoop Earring - Sold Individually

opal inlaid folded butterfly necklaceopal inlaid folded butterfly necklace_1

Opal Inlaid Folded Butterfly Necklace

From $800
this too shall pass gold charm necklace_1this too shall pass gold charm necklace

This Too Shall Pass Gold Charm Necklace

From $350
diamond smile coin necklace_1diamond smile coin necklace

Diamond Smile Coin Necklace

From $595
gold star bracelet prb 034 14k

Tiny Gold Star Bracelet

square cut citrine ring sidesquare cut citrine ring

Square Cut Citrine Ring

From $265
gold turquoise hamsa necklace on necktiny turquoise inlaid hamsa hand necklace

Tiny Turquoise Inlaid Hamsa Hand Necklace

From $350
opal inlaid cross necklace_c9152204 4ef1 4e5f bca0 b951ce9a4689opal inlaid cross necklace

Opal Inlaid Cross Necklace

From $400
turquoise inlaid tiny heart gold bracelet on womans handturquoise inlaid tiny heart bracelet

Turquoise Inlaid Tiny Heart Bracelet

white diamond star necklace PRN031 WD_1white diamond star necklace PRN031 WD

White Diamond Star Necklace

From $1,150
onyx _ diamond evil eye necklace  with ruleronyx _ diamond evil eye necklace PRN 507 ONYX

Onyx & Diamond Evil Eye Necklace

From $390
black diamond anchor necklace PRN 522 BD

Black Diamond Anchor Necklace

From $800
yelow gold solitaire diamond bracelet
On sale

Solitaire Diamond Bracelet - LIMITED EDITION

$400 $600
seven white diamond stackable band PRR071 WD

Seven White Diamond Stackable Band

From $550
tiny inlay rectangle turquoise bar earrings PRE 508 14k_1

Tiny Inlay Rectangle Turquoise Bar Earrings

gold skull stud earrings PRE 427 14KY_bdf69658 5fa9 44c8 9499 8cf1c56c4904

Gold Skull Stud Earrings

diamond snowflake flower earrings on modeldiamond snowflake flower earrings PRE 407 14KY_ac1cefe8 7f24 4570 b973 4cdac00a642d

Diamond Snowflake Flower Earrings

opal diamond sun disk necklace prn 447 op

Opal & Diamond Sun Disk Necklace

From $450
turquoise inlaid cross necklace PRN 376 TUR

Turquoise Inlaid Cross Necklace

From $350
aquarius gold zodiac necklace on womans neckaquarius gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Aquarius Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
bar petite light gold ring PRR 057 14KY

Gold Bar Ring

From $295
twisted thin gold wire band ethereal ring PRR 027 14KY

Gold Rope Ring

From $215
large infinity sign ring in yellow gold PRR 065 14KY

Gold Infinity Sign Charm Ring

From $265
lovers knot gold ring on womans fingertie the gold love knot ring PRR 017_8f22f6b6 f549 406a 8445 502677d76e81

Lover's Knot Ring

From $245
open angel wings ring for women PRR 008_b56c3cf9 78c5 454a 9252 41668eb79925

Guardian Angel Wings Ring

From $295
gemini gold zodiac necklace on womans neckgemini gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Gemini Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
aries gold zodiac necklace on womans neckaries gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Aries Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
white diamond infinity necklace prn 400 wd

10 Round Emerald Arch Necklace

From $550
black diamond number 13 necklace prn 403 bd

Black Diamond Number 13 Necklace

From $750
Musical Note Gold Necklace

Musical Note Gold Necklace

From $235
panther cat charm niny necklace PRN 374 14KY

Panther Necklace

From $475
peace sign mini charm necklace PRN 192 14KY

Peace Sign Necklace

From $265
baby sugar skull charm on a tiny charm petite necklace PRN 224 14KY

Tiny Skull Charm On A Gold Necklace

From $345

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