white diamond pave double flower earring pre 446 14ky_aadac45a 9be4 44e6 b2ee e96b805d0eeb

White Diamond Double Flower Earring

small gold diamond pave hoops pre 444 14ky_39026610 6ec1 4dab b9ba 43b116742bb9

Petite Gold & Diamond Hoops

medium gold diamond pave hoops pre 443 14ky_4c26c6fe ee95 4b2d aae5 7184a6145b63

Medium Gold & Diamond Hoops

large gold diamond pave hoops pre 442 14ky_1d874182 db2d 4f74 a267 29fbf5c1585a

Large Gold & Diamond Hoops

double ruby stud earrings pre 457 14ky_4796ce42 6975 42aa a6f9 2b5f70a2cd7d

Double Ruby Stud Earrings

classic gold drop earrings pre 456 14ky_7bde6d85 988a 43ee 877e f7ce23192bbb

Classic Gold Drop Earrings

turquoise drop earrings pre 454 14ky_dcd6af1b bbac 460b 8dee 7ad530fbe5dd

Turquoise Drop Earrings

long drop stud earrings pre 452 14ky_ac29353d 629e 468d a264 4fac2853e991

Long Drop Stud Earrings

emerald and diamond bubble stud earrings pre 450 14ky

Emerald and Diamond Bubble Stud Earrings

white diamond pave heart stud earrings pre 448 14ky

White Diamond Heart Stud Earrings

double diamond eye stud earrings pre 458 14ky_16ebcd40 4c4d 44fe 9832 1a572cb22493

Double Diamond Eye Stud Earrings

diamond eyelash stud earrings on modeldiamond pave eyelash stud earrings pre 445 14ky

Diamond Eyelash Stud Earrings

large needle earrings 2large needle earrings

Long Drop Needle Earrings

medium needle earrings 2medium needle earrings

Medium Drop Needle Earrings

gold starfish stud earrings PRE 431 14KY_ef836ddb c20a 4000 a2f3 14bb73547428

Gold Starfish Stud Earrings

gold skull stud earrings PRE 427 14KY_bdf69658 5fa9 44c8 9499 8cf1c56c4904

Gold Skull Stud Earrings

venus flower stud earring PRE 423 14KY_79b0a3fc 9099 4c3a 9b5e 44680cc61dbf

Venus Flower Stud Earring

small white diamond hoop earrings PRE 417 14KY_e5fd5929 9708 4b72 8cba 03a1def0ae0d

White Diamond Hoop Earrings

gold bar hoop earrings PRE 415 14KY_e213417f 7e2e 4aab 9c93 5403afd2adb6

Gold Bar Hoop Earrings

small black diamond pyramid earrings PRE 413 14KY_2d168702 6717 4faf 9a68 92a0cb9866c1

Small Black Diamond Pyramid Earrings

black diamond triangle earrings PRE 412 14KY_086d6824 bab9 463e 9809 72827a3883d1

Black Diamond Triangle Earrings

diamond flower stud earrings PRE 410 14KY_5e3c9a9a 7da3 466d 8614 a5b75fce6af3

Diamond Flower Stud Earrings

large black diamond pyramid stud earrings PRE 408 14KY_6cae55ea 25ac 4c91 9c2f 98a416357aad

Large Black Diamond Pyramid Stud Earrings

diamond snowflake flower earrings on modeldiamond snowflake flower earrings PRE 407 14KY_ac1cefe8 7f24 4570 b973 4cdac00a642d

Diamond Snowflake Flower Earrings

model wearing large diamond lotus flower earringslarge diamond lotus flower earrings PRE 406 14KY_6fab4907 2183 49df a69f 03157dabb029

Large Diamond Lotus Flower Earrings

small diamond lotus flower earrings PRE 404 14KY_248fd3d4 e00d 4d6d bb82 4bc9001453b3

Small Diamond Lotus Flower Earrings

diamond lightning bolt stud earrings PRE 402 14KY_9c204f4f 673a 4770 8090 e51d83a58cbd

Diamond Lightning Bolt Stud Earrings

large spike ice stud earrings PRE 400 14KY_83451bac cf7d 4acb 92a1 07b1b1bb4d7c

Large Pyramid and Diamond Stud Earring

spike ice stud earrings PRE 396 14KY_0e436f52 2869 48d2 b677 3008390db8bd

Pyramid and Diamond Stud Earrings

model wearing tiny diamond cross earringstiny diamond cross earrings PRE 392 14KY_d1895900 1d7a 4020 bd96 b3c6b34ccdbe

Tiny Diamond Cross Earrings

tiny gold heart stud earrings PRE 429 14KY

Tiny Gold Heart Stud Earrings

tiny gold star stud earrings PRE 426 14KY

Tiny Gold Star Stud Earrings

gold bowtie earring PRE 421 14KY

Gold Bowtie Earring

gold triangle stud earrings PRE 414 14KY

Gold Triangle Stud Earrings

gold square stud earring PRE 411 14KY

Gold Square Stud Earring

tiny gold dot stud earrings PRE 420 14KY

Tiny Gold Dot Stud Earrings

gold step pyramid stud earrings PRE 418 14KY

Gold Pyramid Stud Earrings

tiny gold cross stud earrings PRE 430 14KY

Tiny Gold Cross Stud Earrings

tiny gold anchor studs earrings PRE 425 14KY_fc590a61 3b9c 45f5 bcf1 e3065e23d95e

Tiny Gold Anchor Studs Earrings

gold musical note stud earrings PRE 424 14KY

Gold Musical Note Stud Earrings

gold star earrings PRE 399 14KY

Medium Gold Star Earrings

marquee eye stud earrings PRE 397 14KY

Marquee Eye Stud Earrings

gold bubble studs PRE 395 14KY

Gold Bubble Studs

donut stud earrings PRE 405 14KY

Donut Stud Earrings

eyelash stud earrings PRE 398 14KY_1b5503f2 6c09 4420 9bde 2d4748c75591

Eyelash Stud Earrings

Small Pave Black Diamond Hoop Earrings   Phoenix Roze

Black Diamond Hoop Earrings

White Diamond Laurel Earrings

Large Gold & Diamond Pyramid Earrings

Black Diamond Laurel Earrings

Black Diamond Laurel Earrings

Frame your face and dress up your ears with earrings from the Phoenix Roze unique fine jewelry collection. Our boutique fine earring range has many studs, hoops, or drop earring styles available in your choice of 14k yellow, white or pink gold. Many of our stud earrings and dangling earring styles are available with diamond and gemstone inlays such as rubies, sapphires, opals, turquoise, black diamonds, and many others.

We have a stunning selection of solid gold hoop earrings to choose from, whether you like small hoops, triple hoops, large statement hoops, or diamond hoop earrings.

Find men's or women's stud earrings, which can be worn in pairs of mixed-and-matched. Alongside classic square-cut studs, we've got contemporary designs like daisy studs, angel wings, initial studs, and more. Among our most popular styles are our gold cross earrings and diamond cross earrings, admired for their beautiful and delicate designs.

If you're looking for larger earring styles, our statement pendulum and drop earrings steal the show, perfect for up-do hairstyles or special occasions.

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