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Diamond Butterfly Pendant Necklace

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The butterfly is among nature’s most enchanting creatures. It begins its life as a tiny egg attached to a leaf. As it grows during its second life stage as a caterpillar, it molts, or sheds its skin multiple times. In its third life stage, it forms a protective barrier around itself, the chrysalis, within which it undergoes the process of metamorphosis. In its fourth and final life stage, it emerges from its chrysalis a majestic and exquisite specimen with the newfound ability of flight. Globally, the butterfly is regarded as a symbol of endurance, change, and hope. Further, Christian doctrines consider it a metaphor for Christ’s resurrection. Adorn your neck with this golden butterfly, glittering with pavé-set white diamonds, to serve as a reminder to make positive change in your own life and to maintain optimism. The chain and pendant are made in your choice of solid 14k yellow, white & rose gold. Handcrafted with love in New York City.

5-12 Days to make. Some items may take longer. Call the store for rush orders.

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