1pt diamond flat heart gold necklace PRN185_11pt diamond flat heart gold necklace PRN185

1Pt. Diamond Flat Heart Gold Necklace

From $325
gold dragonfly necklace on models neckgold dragonfly necklace

Gold Dragonfly Necklace

From $395
cute heart charm small charm exquisite necklace PRN 288 14KY

Small Flat Heart Gold Necklace

From $295
gold shark tooth charm summer necklace PRN 291 14KY

Gold Shark Tooth Charm Necklace

From $795
14k medium feather tiny charm light necklace PRN 383 14KY

Gold Feather Charm Necklace

From $365
gold om necklace on womans neckohm dainty charm petite necklace PRN 382 14KY

Ohm Charm Necklace

From $345
panther cat charm niny necklace PRN 374 14KY

Panther Necklace

From $475
peace sign mini charm necklace PRN 192 14KY

Peace Sign Necklace

From $265
baby sugar skull charm on a tiny charm petite necklace PRN 224 14KY

Tiny Skull Charm On A Gold Necklace

From $345
curved heart tiny charm petite necklace PRN 388 14KY

Small Curved Heart Gold Necklace

From $345
st. patricks shamrock charm dainty charm petite necklace PRB 038 14KY

Gold Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace

From $325
large infinity sign petite necklace PRN 352 14KY

Infinty Sign Charm Necklace

From $345
horseshoe dainty luck charm petite necklace PRN 210 14KY

Lucky Horseshoe Charm Necklace

From $295
gold arrow charm pendant necklace prn201 14k

Arrow Necklace

From $345
gold puffy heart necklace charm PRN 026

Puffy Heart Charm Necklace

From $325
gold realistic tropical seahorse charm necklace PRN 025

Seahorse Charm Necklace

From $345
small gold italian horn womens necklace PRN 012

Italian Horn Charm Necklace

From $295
taurus gold zodiac bracelet PRB 440 14K

Taurus Gold Zodiac Bracelet

gemini gold zodiac necklace on womans neckgemini gold zodiac necklace PRN 440 14K

Gemini Gold Zodiac Necklace

From $250
wishbone dainty charm petite necklace PRB 040 14KY

Wishbone Gold Necklace

From $345
folded heart gold necklace prn 371 14k

Folded Heart Gold Necklace

From $425
beach sand shell tiny charm petite necklace PRN 275 14KY

Gold Shell Necklace

From $345
open heart and arrow charm necklace PRN 008

Arrow in heart Charm Necklace

From $295
gold unicorn horn necklace 1_1_a1efac4c d138 4bec 84e9 b983de4f9002gold unicorn horn necklace 1

Unicorn Horn Necklace

From $495
anatomical heart necklace_1anatomical heart necklace

Anatomical Heart Necklace

From $1,250
gold pot leaf necklace

Gold Pot Leaf Necklace

From $295
gold chai necklace prn 269 14k

Gold Chai Necklace

From $345
small cursive love necklace PRN248_1small cursive love necklace PRN248

Small Cursive Love Necklace

From $395
large cursive love necklace PRN225_1large cursive love necklace PRN225

Large Cursive Love Necklace

From $495
petite gold heart lock necklace with ruler_6d2e0491 242b 4071 9723 c8a030b919f6petite gold heart lock necklace_2772d4d0 5576 4f02 b541 736a80f3c57b

Tiny Gold Padlock Heart Necklace

From $295
large lightning bolt charm plain petite necklace PRN 259 L 14KY

Gold Large Lightning Bolt Charm Necklace

From $595
razor blade tiny charm light necklace PRN 254 14KY

Gold Razor Charm Necklace

From $495
hamsa dainty charm petite necklace PRN 389 14KY

Hamsa Hand Necklace

From $395
Gold spike cross charm necklace for women

Spiked Cross Necklace

From $495
14k gold _ black diamond initial necklace with scale14k gold _ black diamond initial necklace

Black Diamond Initial Necklace


Explore our collection of jewelry classics. Everyday high-quality jewelry pieces in classic designs that last beyond trends and can be worn for a lifetime. Stunning yet simple gold chains and charms can be worn with anything in your closet. A classic gold charm bracelet never goes out of style, making it the perfect gift for birthdays – something she’ll treasure for decades. Simple, understated gold studs are ideal for everyday wear, and our quality materials ensure they’ll stay in perfect condition for a lifetime. These timeless pieces of jewelry are the cornerstones of any jewelry collection. Build the foundations of your collection of fine jewelry with Phoenix Roze classic pieces.

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