Attract Good Fortune with the Help of Lucky Jewelry

They say dress to impress, but why not dress for good fortune as well? Our Lucky Jewelry Collection contains a number of pieces that feature symbols held as sacred, revered for their purported abilities to bend fate to our benefit and to form a defense against malevolent forces.


Each style is customizable with your choice of yellow, white, or rose 14-karat gold. Necklaces are also available in four drop lengths ranging from 16 and 19 inches.

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Lucky Horseshoe Charm Necklace

A horseshoe fixed in the upright position has long been regarded as a receptacle for any good luck that happens to be floating by.

Its usage is said to stem from a 10th century story in which an English blacksmith by the name of Dunstan (who would eventually become a saint) encountered the devil himself, who approached him with the request for a horseshoe for his hoofed feet. Dunstan obliged, but to the devil’s surprise attached it while it was sizzling hot. Howling in pain the devil begged him to remove it, and Dunstan agreed under one condition: that he keep away from him and anyone who was to affix an upright horseshoe above their home’s doorway, to which the devil complied.

Draw in luck while wearing the Lucky Horseshoe Charm Necklace, $295, displaying a miniature horseshoe in gold with tiny hollowed spots in place of nails for an understated but striking appearance.

Evil Eye Necklace

Another ancient icon possessing formidable power against the wicked is the evil eye. Mentions of the talisman are common in ancient Greek and Roman texts. The evil eye refers to the menacing glares cast by ill-wishing individuals, such as those spawned by a bout of jealousy or (a modern-day version) perceived bad driving. Ancient peoples viewed this as more than a simple look: a bona fide curse with potentially grave consequences. The evil eye symbol was brandished as a shield against this vile glare.

Ward off bad luck and the slew of misfortunes it can entail with the hypnotic Evil Eye Charm Necklace, $795, on which the symbol is depicted with a generously sized white diamond spotlighted amidst a backdrop of diamonds in black, and attached to a delicate golden chain.

Hamsa Hand Necklace
The Hamsa Hand, also known as the Hand of Fatima or Khamsa, is a prominent symbol throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It can be traced back to the dawn of civilization, depicted on Mesopotamian artifacts such as amulets for the goddess Ishtar or Inanna.
In Hinduism and Buddhism, each finger is representative of one of the chakras—points of energy in the body—and as a whole it symbolizes the interplay between them.
But it is also used as a first line of defense against the evil eye, or negative energy. Harness its power with the golden Hamsa Hand Necklace, $325, upon which the Hamsa hand, polished into a lustrous plane, rests. Its subtle appearance makes it the perfect coupling with any outfit.


Pavé Hamsa Hand Necklace

You’ll feel like a goddess adorned with the intricately crafted Pavé Hamsa Hand Necklace, $1,250. On a gossamer golden chain lies a far more ornate version of the Hamsa Hand, with a bed of dazzling pavé set white diamonds, one of which is encircled by a ring of black diamonds.

Whether you consider yourself superstitious or not, these pieces will infuse your look with an element of intrigue and may very well engender fortuitous circumstances with their enchanting appearances alone.

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