Collection: Lucky Jewelry

Luck is being prepared, at the right place and time, with a little charm.

Our collection of lucky jewelry designs may just bring a change of fortune or protect against evil. Taking inspiration from global good luck symbols, we’ve created a collection of lucky 13, horseshoes, hamsa hand, and evil eye charms.

In Ireland, it’s believed that a lucky shamrock or four-leaf clover symbolizes faith, hope, love, and luck. A solid gold shamrock necklace may just grant the wearer the luck of the Irish. A lucky horseshoe is another ancient symbol of good luck, originating from Greece and other ancient civilizations. Explore our gold or diamond-encrusted lucky horseshoe necklaces and horseshoe charm bracelets.

The unbroken wishbone is another symbol of good luck, fortune, and potential. The good fortune associated with this symbol has made the wishbone one of our most popular charms for gifts. Our range of wishbone necklaces and wishbone bracelets are available in black or white diamonds and solid yellow, pink or white gold.

Whether you choose a wishbone, Yin yang, evil eye, horseshoe, or Hamsa Hand icons, all our good luck necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are believed to bring good luck. Find your perfect lucky charm today with a piece of fine jewelry from our lucky collection.