Bridal Jewelry Trends For 2020

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Not every bride is looking for a classic on her wedding day. Bridal trends come and go as times and taste change. In this blog, we look at some of the biggest bridal jewelry trends for 2020. You can follow tradition with classic bridal styles. But, your wedding can still have modern on-trend elements. Modern bridal jewelry is a great way to be-of-the-moment and shows off your sartorial style.

Stackable Rings

Stacking rings have been a growing jewelry trend for a few years. Now stackable wedding bands and engagement rings are growing in popularity. When stacking rings you can mix and match styles, stones, widths, and metals. Mixing metals such as platinum and gold in your stack will continue to be a trend on the rise.

Image of Triple Diamond Tear Drop Ring
Triple Diamond Tear Drop Ring, $500
Image of Pave Diamond Tapered Band
Pave Diamond Tapered Band, $1,200
Image of Diamond & Gold Carousel Ring
Diamond & Gold Carousel Ring, $600
Image of Tear Drop & Round Diamond Ring
Tear Drop & Round Diamond Ring, $370


Something Green

Princess Eugenie's stunning emerald tiara kickstarted a trend for bold colored bridal jewelry. Jewel tones are a big trend in jewelry for 2020. For bridal, it’s Emerald and Jade in particular that are back in a big way. Something blue has transitioned into something green for 2020. Pearls and diamonds used to be the classics of bridal jewelry. But modern brides are experimenting with colored stones on their wedding days. Long gone are the days of all-white everything weddings. An unexpected color or stone is a fun and easy way of showing some personality on your big day.

Image of 4-Carat Emerald Ring
4-Carat Emerald Ring, $12,000 
Image of Emerald Baguette Ring
Emerald Baguette Ring, $1,150
Image of Emerald & Gold Tiara Ring
Emerald & Gold Tiara Ring, $650
Image of Infinity Emerald Halo Band
Infinity Emerald Halo Band, $590


Clustering has been a growing trend in bridal jewelry. Clustering is a look where you mix diamonds and stones of different shapes and colors. These styles are often asymmetric and play with proportions and off-balance designs. You can embrace the clustering trend with traditional diamonds and pearls. These classic stones are clustered with a modern aesthetic to be on-trend.

Image of Diamond Constellation Gold Earrings
Diamond Constellation Gold Earrings, $1,950
Image of Diamond and Pearl Ring
Diamond and Pearl Ring, $695
Image of Large Spike & Ice Stud Earrings
Large Spike & Ice Stud Earrings, $1,650 

Statement Earrings

Playful statement earrings have moved into the bridal scene. There’s something a little bit rebellious about a big hoop earring on a bride, and that’s part of the appeal. Big bridal earrings complement a variety of necklines. They also emphasize the face, making them extremely flattering. You can choose an all-out showstopper set of earrings or something that’s still classic but oversized.

Image of Baguette Circle Stud Earrings
Baguette Circle Stud Earrings, $2,500
Image of Vertical Diamond Bar Hoops
Vertical Diamond Bar Hoops, $1,100


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