Nineties Jewelry Trends Making A Comeback

90s jewelry styles and fashion

The nineties and noughties have been huge influences on fashion for the past few seasons. It’s taken a while for jewelry trends to catch up to apparel, but that’s all changing. What started with a trend for chokers has now expanded into a full-blown 90s jewelry revival. Here we explore the key looks from this trend.

Dramatic Drop Earrings

Earrings were BIG in the nineties, and none were bigger than the drop earring. The drop earrings of the ’90s were dramatically long, the longer the better. Long sparkly drop earrings were a red carpet staple. The look was championed by the biggest celebrities of the decade. You can recreate the look with these styles.

Image of Triple Drip Drop Gold Earring
Triple Drip Drop Gold Earrings, $395
Image of Diamond Long Bar Earrings
Diamond Long Bar Earrings, $1480
Long Drop Needle Earrings
Long Drop Needle Earrings, $495


Butterflies were THE insect of the era. Butterflies appeared on everything from hair clips, to tattoos, jewelry, and even a Mariah Carey album Butterflies have always had an ongoing appeal as a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, change, hope, and life. Shop these stunning butterfly pieces for a beautiful symbolic addition to your jewelry box.

Image of Black Diamond Butterfly Necklace
Black Diamond Butterfly Necklace, $1,350
Image of Gold Dragonfly Necklace
Gold Dragonfly Necklace, $395
Image of Butterfly Earrings
Butterfly Earrings, $695
Image of Diamond Butterfly Pendant Necklace
Diamond Butterfly Pendant Necklace, $1,450
Image of Black Diamond Butterfly Necklace
Black Diamond Butterfly Necklace, $1,350

Nameplate Necklaces

Sex and The City was the TV show that defined a decade. Fans know that one of the most defining moments of the series was when Carrie Bradshaw loses her beloved nameplate necklace. The “Carrie” necklace was one of the most iconic items of the ’90s, with fans rushing to get their own nameplate necklaces. If you missed the trend first time round, you’ve now got a second chance to live your SATC fantasies.

Image of Diamond Baby Script Charm Necklace
Diamond Baby Script Charm Necklace, $195
Image of Baby Script Charm Necklace
Baby Script Charm Necklace, $195
Image of Gold Personalized Nameplate Bar Necklace
Gold Personalized Nameplate Bar Necklace, $435

Gothic Crosses

When you look through pictures of celebrities and everyday people in the ’90s pretty much every other pic includes a cross necklace. The look was worn by everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Whitney Houston. Here are some cross necklaces you can wear to work the trend.

Image of Turquoise & Gold Tilted Cross Necklace

Turquoise & Gold Tilted Cross Necklace, $350
Image of White Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace
White Diamond Sideways Cross Necklace, $695
Image of Turquoise Inlaid Cross Necklace
Turquoise Inlaid Cross Necklace, $350
Image of Diamond Tiny Cross Necklace
Diamond Tiny Cross Necklace, $495

Charm Bracelets

Anyone who grew up in the 90s knew the allure and appeal of a classic charm bracelet. These have remained a popular jewelry item to give as gifts at birthdays and christenings. Now, this timeless classic is back in vogue as a fashion statement.

Image of Padlock Charm Bracelet

Padlock Charm Bracelet, $395
Image of Arrow Charm Bracelet
Arrow Charm Bracelet, $950
Image of Razor Charm Bracelet
Razor Charm Bracelet, $495

Whichever 90s trend you choose you can find gorgeous handmade pieces from the Phoenix Roze collection.

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