Taurus Jewelry To Wear This Spring

Taurus Jewelry To Wear This Spring

Image of Taurus Diamond Necklace on Women's Neck

If your birthday falls between April 21 and May 21 then your zodiac sign is Taurus. Taurus is known for being reliable and can be depended on to help family and friends. Repay their loyalty and help with an extra special gift for the Taurus in your life this April - or treat yourself!

Whether you’re seeking a gift for yourself, or the special Taurus in your life, Phoenix Roze has a stunning range of Taurus jewelry within our wider Zodiac jewelry range.

People in the Taurus zodiac sign have many great attributes. They’re loyal, dependable, patient and persistent. However, despite being easy going and respectful, the Taurus can also be unbelievably stubborn and inflexible. It is because of their stubborn streak that the symbol of Taurus is the bull. ‘Taurus’ is Latin for ‘the bull’ and Phoenix Rose have taken inspiration from the Taurus glyph for our range of jewelry for this star sign.

Gold Taurus Jewelry

For a strong and classic look choose from our selection of solid gold Taurus jewelry designs. Our Taurus jewelry features an orb shaped Taurus glyph that makes a great shape for all types of jewelry. Our gold range includes a bracelet, and earrings. All Taurus pieces are available in 14k rose gold, white gold or yellow gold.


Image of Taurus Gold Zodiac Necklace
Taurus Gold Zodiac Necklace, $225
Image of Taurus Gold Zodiac Bracelet
Taurus Gold Zodiac Bracelet, $175
Image of Taurus Gold Zodiac Earrings
Taurus Gold Zodiac Earrings, $170


Gold & Diamond Taurus Jewelry

For a real statement item, upgrade your gold Taurus jewelry pieces to include spectacular white diamonds. Diamond Taurus jewelry is an investment that keeps your zodiac sign close to your heart.


Image of Taurus Diamond Zodiac Necklace

Taurus Diamond Zodiac Necklace, $695
Image of Taurus Diamond Zodiac Bracelet
Taurus Diamond Zodiac Bracelet, $650
Image of Taurus Diamond Zodiac Earrings
Taurus Diamond Zodiac Earrings, $1000

To choose your special Taurus jewelry piece shop our full range. For more information about our other zodiac styles, and how to wear them, read our guide to Zodiac Jewelry.

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