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How To Choose Jewelry Based On Your Birthdate

Birthdays hold a special meaning to all of us, and many different cultures believe that the day we are born has a profound effect on the outcomes of our lives there after. So significant is our date of birth that jewelry and symbolism associated with birthdays is some of the most popular iconography in the world.

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The Meaning of the Sideways Cross

Regardless of the meaning other people give it, the most important meaning is the one given by the wearer. Finding your own favorite interpretation is key. Whether you view the sideways cross as a symbol of Christian faith or just a chic fashion statement, it makes a truly timeless accessory.

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Signet Rings Are Making A Comeback

Personalization and monogramming are huge trends at the moment for just about everything from home-wares to accessories and jewelry. But one trend that's making a comeback is perhaps the oldest form of personalization known to fashion historians – the signet ring.

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