8 Good Luck Necklaces For A Lucky New Year

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We all know 2020 was not the year we had hoped for. If you need some extra luck and inspiration to make 2021 a better New Year, these good luck necklaces may be the lucky charm you need.

wheel of life charm necklace

Wheel of Life Charm Necklace, $390

This beautiful limited edition necklace features the wheel of life symbol. This ancient symbol is also known as the life balance wheel, mandala, coaching wheel, or life wheel. The wheel is a visual aid used to determine and become more in touch with how balanced your life currently is. Practically, the device maps out the areas of your life on a circle. Symbolically, the Wheel of Life is both a spiritual and ritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. This charm of the wheel of life represents the universe and the idea that life is never-ending. It can also mean a spiritual journey within one's self. This is the perfect good luck charm for the New Year if your goals are to find balance or journey to greater self-awareness. This necklace is available in yellow or pink gold and set with a .18 carat salt & pepper diamond.

 onyx and diamond evil eye gold necklace

Onyx & Diamond Evil Eye Necklace, $390.00

2021 is the year for Good Vibes Only, so ward off any bad vibes with an Evil Eye necklace. This stunning Onyx & Diamond Evil Eye Necklace is available in yellow, white, and rose gold with an onyx inlay background & a diamond pupil. It is believed that the Evil Eye protects the wearer from bad omens or evil wishes from external sources. Originating with the ancient Greeks and Romans, the history of the Evil Eye dates as far back as 3,000 BC. Our modern take on this classic good luck charm is also available in turquoise.

 turquoise and diamond evil eye gold necklace

Turquoise & Diamond Evil Eye Necklace, $390

black diamond lucky horseshoe gold necklace

Black Diamond Lucky Horseshoe Necklace, $595.00

The horseshoe is one of the most well-known symbols of good luck. An upwards facing horseshoe facing in a "U" shape is said to keep evil out and bring good luck. But don't wear your horseshoe upside down, or your good fortune will flow away. Horseshoes have long been considered lucky because real horseshoes were initially made of iron, thought to ward off evil spirits. The horse's shoe was traditionally held in place with seven nails, with many believing seven to be the luckiest number. These days real horseshoes are too heavy to carry around, so this black diamond horseshoe necklace is a chic and memorable alternative. This design uses unique black diamonds for a beautiful twist on a timeless lucky design but is also available in white diamonds.

 white diamond lucky horseshoe gold necklace

Tiny White Diamond Lucky Horseshoe Necklace, $695.00

lapis lazuli hamsa hand gold necklace

Lapis Lazuli Inlaid Hamsa Hand Necklace, $350.00

The Hamsa Hand both attracts abundance and protects the wearer from the Evil Eye - bad omens from external sources. This ancient symbol has long been used in Jewish and Muslim culture to defend the wearer. The symbol depicts the open right hand, used as a sign of protection throughout history. The Hamsa Hand can be worn up or down, and in this design, it is worn facing up, bringing in more goodness, luck, fertility, and abundance. When worn facing up, it is more protective against the Evil Eye and negative energy. This Hamsa Hand design uses the stone lapis lazuli known for bringing wisdom and inner peace, as well as being beautiful. In Islamic culture, lapis lazuli also protects against the Evil Eye. Buddhists, meanwhile, used this stone for its soft healing energy. With the Hamsa Hand and lapis lazuli combined, this is one of our luckiest jewelry designs.

wishbone gold necklace

Wishbone Gold Necklace, $345.00

This wishbone pendant symbolizes hope for the future and good luck to the wearer. It is believed that when you make a wish on a wishbone, the person who breaks the bone and has the larger piece will have their wish granted. While we don't recommend trying to break this gold wishbone necklace, you can wear the whole wishbone for some extra good luck and as a reminder to stay eternally hopeful.

 gold four left clover necklace

Gold Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace, $325.00

May the luck of the Irish be with you in this lucky charm necklace. This gold good luck pendant features a four-leaf clover or shamrock. The four-leaf clover is known to be a scarce variation of the common three-leaf clover and a symbol of good luck in Western cultures. Centuries ago in Ireland, this unique rare leaf became a symbol of good luck and fortune. You can wear this 14k gold version to bring good fortune every day.

We hope you've found the perfect symbol to bring good luck into your life and inspire you for the year ahead. Looking for more lucky jewelry? Explore our rings and bracelets. Or learn about the meaning behind other popular styles and Tune Into the Divine with Spiritual Jewelry.

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