Lucky Shamrock Necklaces For St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. This March 17th the people of Ireland, Irish descendants, and many others will celebrate St Patrick’s Day. This day is a religious celebration but has become an unofficial cultural celebration of all things Irish.

One of Ireland’s most iconic symbols is the four-leaf clover, a well-known good luck charm. If you’re looking to add the luck of the Irish to your outfit this Paddy’s Day, check out our range of lucky charms.

 gold four leaf clover necklace

Gold Four Leaf Clover Charm Necklace, $325

May the luck of the Irish be with you in this gold lucky charm necklace. This good luck pendant features a classic four-leaf clover or shamrock. The four-leaf clover is known to be a scarce variation of the common three-leaf clover and a symbol of good luck in Western cultures. Centuries ago in Ireland, this unique rare leaf became a symbol of good luck and fortune. You can wear this 14k gold version to bring good fortune every day.

 black four leafe clover necklace

Black Diamond Four Leaf Clover Necklace, $1250

For an extra-special version of the gold shamrock necklace try this black diamond version of four-leaf clover or shamrock. The 9MM four-leaf clover is set with black diamonds on a stunning simple gold chain.

Emeralds For The Emerald Aisle

If shamrocks aren't your style why not try a beautiful green emerald for your St Patrick's Day finery?

Emerald Baguette Ring, $1150

emerald ring phoenix roze

Looking for more lucky jewelry? Learn about the meaning behind other popular styles and Tune Into the Divine with Spiritual Jewelry.

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