How To Choose Jewelry Gifts For The Holidays

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The holiday season is almost here and the window for gift buying is now open. Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts you can buy for your loved ones. It’s a gorgeous present for partners, mothers, daughters, and friends. Jewelry is also a very personal gift, so it can be hard to choose something you know your special someone will love.

That’s why we’ve put together this gift buying guide to help you buy jewelry this holiday season.


Can They Wear It?

The first step to buying jewelry is to find out if they can actually wear it. This is most pertinent when it comes to earrings. Always check someone has their ears pierced before buying them a gift of earrings. Similarly, some people have allergies to different metals and may not be able to wear jewelry. Nickel allergy is a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis. It can cause an itchy rash that appears where your skin touches a usually harmless substance. Nickel or stainless steel allergies are often associated with earrings and other jewelry. Sometimes Nickel gets added to white gold. To avoid the risk of allergies you can choose pure gold jewelry, as allergies to this metal are rare.

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Horizontal Diamond Bar Hoops, $1,200


Consider The Recipient’s Jewelry Style

Once you know someone can wear the jewelry you should consider their style. Some men and women are strictly “gold people” or “silver people”. You need to find out if your partner or loved one only ever wear one type of metal. If they do then you should buy something made of the same material. Observe their jewelry style in the build-up to the holidays. Do they only wear jewelry, or rose gold, or silver? Or, are they mixing and matching. This is the time to do a little reconnaissance. It will pay off when you see their look of delight on Christmas morning and you know you got it right.

Once you've figured out the best metal for your jewelry consider what item you want to choose. Rings are naturally more romantic in nature. Therefore they are better suited as gifts between lovers.

Image of Tiny Diamond Heart Ring

Tiny Diamond Heart Ring, $390


Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets make good gifts for family, lovers or friends. You’ll want to think about your partner’s style again here. For example, if they usually wear stud earrings, they may not be the type of person to choose hoops.


Personalized Jewelry Gifts

An extra touch of personalization can elevate a gift from great, to extraordinary. There are various ways you can add a unique touch to your gift and make it extra special.

Zodiac jewelry symbols are a great choice for personalized gifts. Buying someone a necklace or bracelet featuring their Zodiac sign shows you really thought about making the gift personal.

 Image of Gold Leo Zodiac Bracelet

Leo Gold Zodiac Bracelet, $195


Engraving is another personalization option. Adding an engraved message, symbol or initials to a price of jewelry makes it unique. Personalized nameplate necklaces are one of our most popular gift items.

Initial jewelry is another way you can tailor your gift to the receipt. Choose an initial bracelet, necklace or ring to show that special someone you love them.

 14K Gold & Diamond Initial Bracelet

14K Gold & Diamond Initial Bracelet, $650


If you’re still struggling to decide what to buy someone, you can try a Gift Card and let them choose it themselves. Jewelry is always a safe bet for gifts. Your special someone will love it whether you choose it for them or they pick it themselves.
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