Discover Opal Jewelry - The October Birthstone

Discover Opal Jewelry - The October Birthstone

Image of Opal Necklace in Hand

Opal is a gemstone-like no other. The variety of these stones creates opal jewelry pieces that are unique and mesmerizing. Fireworks. Your opal could look like a jellyfish, a faraway galaxy, or lightning on the ocean. Depending on the different conditions in which an opal can be formed, an opal may come in an array of colors. They range from transparent, translucent, or opaque. The primary or background color can be black, white, or nearly any other color. Black opals are considered to be the rarest color of the opal. Grey green and white are the most common opal colors on the market. The changing, kaleidoscopic colors of opal are unlike any other stone.

October Birthstone

Opal is the October birthstone and symbolizes hope, purity, and truth. Many people choose to pick jewelry based on their birthday, by starsign, birthstone, or both. Opal jewelry is a perfect gift for people with October birthdays, or those whose starsign is either Libra or Scorpio.

The History Of Opal

Ancient Greeks were mesmerized by opals, believing that it gave its the owner the gift of prophecy and protected them from diseases. Opal has been around for centuries, but it was rare and precious in antiquity. It can be found in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, and the United States, but was a scarce stone for centuries. However, since opal was discovered in Australia in the 1800s, it has become the most common opal source. Australia now supplies 95–97% of the world's precious opal, and opal is Australia's national stone.

Opal Earrings

Opal is a beautiful stone for earrings. The many color variations of opal mean you can find stunning earrings that complement different eye colors. For a gorgeous gift for yourself, or someone special, try these opal and diamond stud earrings from the Phoenix Roze range.

Opal & Diamond Stud Earrings

Opal & Diamond Stud Earrings, $1,150.00

Opal Necklaces

Opal necklaces can act as an amulet to protect from disease. Opal is a highly symbolic stone, which is why we have created opal necklaces that pair opals with symbolic jewelry shapes, such as the Evil Eye, Sun, and Hearts.


Image of Large Opal & Diamond Evil Eye Necklace
Large Opal & Diamond Evil Eye Necklace, $1,250.00

This classic Evil Eye Necklace features inlaid opal and a rose-cut diamond pupil. This design is available in your choice of 14k yellow, white, & rose gold. The Evil Eye protects, and so does opal, making this strong amulet.

Opal Heart Pendant Necklace 
Opal Heart Pendant Necklace, $550.00
Our limited edition heart necklace features a one-of-a-kind opal pendant. The 6mm wide pendant is made from opal stone smoothed and polished into the shape of a heart. This is one of our most unique designs and is only currently available in white gold. As one of our most special creations, this is an exceptional piece that makes a stunning gift for October birthday gifts.

Opal & Diamond Sun Disk Necklace
Opal & Diamond Sun Disk Necklace, $450.00

Our classic gold Sun Disk Necklace gets a twist with the addition of opals. The center of this 7mm pendant is set with a white diamond surrounded by a vibrant opal halo. Each opal is 100% unique, so no two pieces are the same.


Image of Opal Inlaid Lightning Bolt Necklace
Opal Inlaid Lightning Bolt Necklace, $400.00
This lightning bolt necklace features a dainty design framing an opal inlay. The chain and pendant in this design are made in solid 14k yellow, white & rose gold.

Image of Opal Inlaid Heart Necklace
Opal Inlaid Heart Necklace, $375.00

This gold heart necklace frames a uniquely stunning heart-shaped opal inlay. This delicate necklace is available in rose, yellow, and white gold.


Opal Rings

Opals are a romantic ring choice and a great alternative to traditional diamonds. Opals are associated with love and passion. They are symbolic of desire and eroticism. This makes an opal ring an incredibly romantic gift for the special someone in your life.


Image of Tiny Opal Inlaid Heart Ring 
Tiny Opal Inlaid Heart Ring, $300.00

This petite heart ring features a smooth opal stone set in a gold heart band. Each piece of gemstone jewelry is unique, just like the wearer.
Image of Prong Set Opal & Diamond Ring
Prong Set Opal & Diamond Ring, $850.00

This beautiful 14k gold ring features a row of 3pt diamonds atop a row of 3pt opals. This limited edition design is one-of-a-kind and an attractive cluster alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring or eternity band.
To learn more about choosing jewelry to suit your birthday, read about our Zodiac jewelry range.
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