The Perfect Statement Earrings For Your Zoom Meetings

The Perfect Statement Earrings For Your Zoom Meetings

Many of us are now approaching our first anniversary of working remotely from home. After 12 months of sweat pants or PJs, you probably started the New Year wanting a change or a bit of a fresh start. But that doesn't mean you're ready to don full corporate attire just yet; just freshen things up again a little bit, from the neck up. Enter the statement earring - the perfect accessory for the 2021 Zoom meeting. Who needs casual, understated earrings in a year where everything has become way too relaxed? Your face is all most people see these days, so make sure it shines with bold, drop earrings that make a statement.

Let these statement earrings be the star of your WFH outfit. A dangly earring is an ultimate accessory for online meetings when it's all about the face. So let these striking earrings do the talking while you're on mute! 

Statement Earrings

moonstone pendant earrings

Moonstone Pendulum Earring, $550

These striking pendulum earrings feature prong-set moonstone gems suspended from a 14k yellow gold drop earring. 

 multicolor sapphire pendulum earrings

Multicolor Sapphire Pendulum Earrings, $850

These stunning dangle earrings are made with 14k yellow gold using a hand-picked selection of multicolored sapphires. 


multicolor sapphire star pendant earrings

Multicolor Sapphire Star Pendulum Earrings, $850

This striking pair of 14k gold dangle earrings use a hand-selected assortment of multicolored sapphires. 

boulder opal and diamond pendant earrings

Boulder Opal & Diamond Pendulum Earrings, $1200

This stunning opal design uses prog-set boulder opals and diamonds to create an eye-catching pair of earrings. These gold pendulum earrings are completely one-of-a-kind.

emerald and moonstone pendant earrings

Emerald & Moonstone Pendulum Earrings, $1100

These striking pendulum earrings combine gorgeous green emeralds with ethereal moonstones, set with 14kt gold. This one of a kind pair is fit for royalty.

diamond round ruby drop earrings

Diamond & Round Ruby Drop Bar Earrings, $1600

These drop bar earrings are sure to draw attention with their perfect splash of color. A prong-set ruby gem splits a row of round white diamonds on each earring. Available in rose, yellow, & white 14k gold. 


triple drop gold earrings

Triple Drip Drop Gold Earring, $395

These elegant triple drop gold earrings are more minimalist than some of the other designs, but they still make a chic statement. Also available in single and double drop versions.


large gold and diamond hoops

Large Gold & Diamond Hoops, $2850

Oversized hoops are one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2021 and a modern-day classic, and these 43mm, 1.75" inch gold and diamond hoop earrings are sure to draw attention.

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From delightful drop styles to oversized hoops, statement earrings were one of the most significant looks to come out of the 2020 fall/winter fashion week trends. Oversized earrings wowed at Chloe and Brandon Maxwell, among others. This is a chic trend that's easy to wear in everyday life. Explore our full range of statement earrings and find your perfect Zoom-ready style.
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